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  1. Frankbags

    Whacking Day vs Lisa the Iconoclast

    Both episodes deal with a simpsons family member finding incongruencies in the Jebediah Springfield lore, but which one is the better episode? The two episodes come to a very different conclusion but both touch on the same subject, a fervor for the town's founder.
  2. Frankbags

    90s animation style simpsons moments

    I wasn't sure what to name this thread but I was watching random simpsons clips on youtube and landed on this one , I don't think I've seen this time of "camera" angle in any of the modern simpsons.. maybe the director took inspiration from the...
  3. Frankbags

    Puma Pride

    So I've been reading some of the earlier comics and it seems that in every other story they mention skinner's puma pride, or the puma is part of the story. I can't think of more than 3 mentions in the animated series, the last one I remember is in pokey mom.. but I think there were mentions...