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    Best Swartzwelder episode

    The possibilities are endless. I think my favorite is “Homer’s Enemy.” “Rosebud” and “Homer the Great” are my second and third respectively.
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    Best Swartzwelder episode

    The possibilities are endless. I think mine is “Homer’s Enemy.” “Rosebud” and “Homer the Great” are second and third respectively.
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    Lisa the Simpson vs. Secret War of Lisa Simpson

    Both very late Oakley and Weinstein episodes centering Lisa and her character growth. Also both very polarizing. My pick goes to Lisa the Simpson. I’ve always loved it, while TSWOLS I never cared for, especially as a finale.
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    Nepotism on the Writing Staff

    Like any company, I think it's unfair for a boss to hire someone just because they're family. Having connections is one thing, like knowing someone who can put in a good word for you and get your foot in the door. Numerous people get internships that way. But for the boss to give their...
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    Would John Lennon have done The Simpsons?

    It's always up in the air as to who was the bigger Beatle: John or Paul. But since Paul, George and Ringo guest starred, whose to say John wouldn't either, had he not tragically passed?
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    Is it worth running the show these days?

    Ever since season 10, the showrunners and producers have had many ordeals to endure, from cast salary negotiations, to deaths in the cast, to the Alf Clausen fiasco, to changing from a 3-act to 4-act structure, to switching to HD, the list goes on. And that’s on top of running the show on a...
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    Should they stop with the flashback/backstory episodes?

    After this weeks episode, I’ve finally had enough of it. From contradicting previous origin stories, to moving up the time period of their upbringing, I just can’t deal with it anymore. If it’s untapped territory, like the comic book guy episode from January, that’s one thing. But to...
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    Do you agree with Jeans's list of "most essential" episodes in the show's history?

    Here's the list he made from 2014: 1. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire 2. Homer at the Bat 3. Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious 4. Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind 5. Once Upon a Time in Springfield I'm willing to meet him (almost) halfway, and agree that the first two...
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    What if Scully wrote an episode under Jean and/or Selman?

    It just occurred to me that Scully never wrote in episode under Jean or Selman, aside from the movie, but that script was split like 10 ways anyway. Since everyone considers him a great writer under the regimes of another Mirkin and Oakley/Weinstein, how do you think the end result would look...
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    Would Season 8 be considered post-classic if “Principal & the Pauper” aired during it

    I’ve said it many times before; I gotta say it again: I like this episode. I even like it more than others from its production run (“Twisted World,” “Spin-Off Showcase,” “Canine Mutiny”). But because the general public does not and considers it as the cut-off, let’s hear your thoughts.
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    Which Adult Cartoon is the truest spiritual successor to The Simpsons?

    By this, I mean which show took the most from The Simpsons and uses it well? My pick is Bob's Burgers. It depicts a lower-middle class family that loves each other. The kids are around Bart and Lisa's age. The town is filled with quirky characters. Its plots and executions are grounded in...
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    Who Could've Made Great Simpsons Writers?

    In my opinion.... - Larry David, for comedy and relatability - Dan Harmon, for character arcs and his faithfulness to "the hero's journey" - Seth Macfarlane, for his comedy and wit (the reason Family Guy has sucked for the past 10-15 years is because Seth is NOT involved in the day-to-day press...
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    What’s the problem with “Lady Bouvier’s Lover?”

    Why is this universally considered the worst episode of season 5? Is it because of the ending? Is it because Burns doesn’t get a comeuppance? I think this is a well-crafted character-driven and hilarious episode with several cultural references. I mean it’s no where near my favorite. It’s just...
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    Funniest Jean era moments

    - when Bart put viagra in skinner’s coffee - “if Marge married Artie, I’ll never be born!” - “they warned me satan would be attractive” Will post more when I think of more
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    What if "Some Enchanted Evening" stayed the Series Premiere as Planned?

    I actually think it could've led to a different outcome on the show's future. Nowadays, season 1 is almost always excluded from everyone's definition of the "golden age." Ironically, fans back then held that season in the highest regard, and the consecutive ones would be labeled "worst episode...
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    Scully-era Simpsons vs Comedy Central-era Futurama

    Each during their waning years, but still managed to squeeze out some amazing episodes. Which do you prefer? My pick goes to Futurama.
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    Why did the show start fawning over celebrities?

    Of course we know WHEN it started. That was "When You Dish Upon A Star." The only episode I can see the reasoning behind is "Beyond Blunderdome;" because Mike Scully and Mel Gibson are friends, and their daughters went to the same school at the time. But all the others are a head scratcher...
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    My Revival Season After Being off the Air for 15-20 Years

    A while back, I made a thread of my own hypothetical final two seasons of The Simpsons if it ended after season 9. I'll drop that link here to jog your memory: Now, let's say after that 9 year run...
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    How I would've ended The Simpsons 20+ years ago

    Let's say Groening and Brooks took inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld and decided to pull the plug just as the show was waning past its pinnacle. With some tweaks, I think it actually could've ended on a better note than how people rate seasons 8 and 9 today. Season 8 would remain largely...
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    Greg Daniels wanted to run The Simpsons

    I was listening to an interview with Greg Daniels, who was promoting Space Force and Upload. He said after his three-year contract was up (as a writer on The Simpsons), he entered re-negotiations with Fox, hoping to run the show. But Fox couldn't promise that at the moment. So he went into a...