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    What if The Simpsons premiered in 1930?

    It would now be 1961 and the show would be looking dated compared to a hip newcomer to the adult animation arena called The Flintstones.
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    Would a permanent ban on Homer/Marge marriage crisis episodes help improve the show?

    Homer/Marge marriage crisis plots must be the most lazy overused theme in the shows history. At least several episodes per season always seem to fall back on this crutch, and I can’t believe anyone is invested in whether their marriage will survive the latest variation on this trope. Anyone else...
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    Do you think The Simpsons will make it to 1000 episodes?

    They will hit 700 episodes this season, so they’re well over the halfway mark. Think they’ll make it to 4 figures?
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    Why didn't Scully ever do a clip show?

    I still can’t believe The Office did a clip show as late as 2010.
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    Dark question, which characters have committed murder?

    If you go by ‘Holidays Of Future Past’ and the later Nedna storyline, then Homer was responsible for Edna’s death too. (‘After Homer killed my second wife I married Maude’s ghost’ or whatever it was that Ned says in that episode)
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    Have "The Simpsons" lost their charm completely?

    Holidays Of Future Past is close to a decade old now anyway. It’s hardly representative of the show in the present day. It’s as old now as season 3 was when season 11 went out.
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    Why do people hate That's 90's Show?

    This episode is itself now over 12 years old! Imagine if they’d done ‘That 00s show’ in 2018. (Homer invents MySpace? Probably just the fact that I’m getting on, but the 00s don’t seem as distinct a decade as viewed from a decade later as the 90s did from 2018.
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    Good, hopefully now the character and show will go from strength to strength with a new Apu voice actor and this early casting mistake will be forgotten.
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    It’s 20 years to the day since Maude Flanders died.

    Interesting fact: there is now more time between the present day and M Flanders death than there was between M Flanders death and John Lennon’s death.
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    It’s 20 years to the day since Maude Flanders died.

    ... in the un-classic episode ‘Alone Again, Natura-Diddly’.
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    Should Apu be killed off?

    Yes, along with every other Simpsons character, accompanied with a binding legal clause that they can never be revived in any medium on pain of death, and that additionally all episodes made featuring them in the 21st century are to be recalled and destroyed.
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    Imagery from the show that genuinely disturbed you

    This image is fucking horrific to me. The unburied for 40 years corpse of a human being is just lying entombed in John's collection? I know it's just supposed to be a throwaway dark joke, but I always linger on the implications. How did the actor die? How come he was never buried? Does John know...
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    Should the show bring Maude Flanders back?

    Again though, why do we have to respect the canon of ‘Alone Again’? It was a weird and cheap move to kill her off in the first place, so it wouldnt bf any weirder or cheaper to bring her back. In fact it would make things less cheap by definitively overwriting that craptacular episode. It’s the...
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    Should the show bring Maude Flanders back?

    I don’t see the big deal with casually resurrecting her. The show didn’t allow her any dignity in death, so why does that tasteless and flippant death scene have to be respected like it’s gospel? Just ignore it and over-write it, toss it down the memory hole. It’s not like this is some classic...
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    Should the show bring Maude Flanders back?

    I think they might as well bring Maude back, they don’t even need to explain it, it’s not like they care about continuity or realism otherwise, why is Maudes death seen as this sancrosanct exception? At most you just need to lampshade it with a ‘I was very ill’ or Moe resurrected her. Yes very...
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    Another Trump-related video

    Jeffrey Epstein
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    How could Maude's death have worked?

    Something about the Homer parking in the ambulance zone ‘gag’; didn’t the Simpsons park miles away to initially go on a nature ramble, and only stumbled onto the racetrack by accident and on foot? How could Homer have parked in the ambulance zone of the racetrack parking lot when he walked...
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    How could Maude's death have worked?

    Part of the problem with making Maude's death more 'poignant' or meaningful was that the character was never that well developed, so it would have been hard to make the audience invest in her plight at any point in the series even when it was capable of doing that, and during peak Scully, forget...
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    What should a potential second Simpsons Movie revolve around?

    Unless it's made so far in the future that it is filmed in a different solar system, chances are it will revolve around the sun.
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    What are Ned's views on birth control?

    Maybe they only had sex twice.