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  1. Captain_Smiley

    General Movie Discussion

    A bit of a vent. Where I live there was a Regal Cinema that they tore down to build apartment buildings. They aren't even in a good spot. They are between the city hall and railroad tracks.
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    What is your favorite store?

    Ollie's. Discount store that carries overstock from other stores and merchandise from stores that have closed. I have brands there that I haven't seen in stores where I live.
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    Rate & Review: "Mothers and Other Strangers" (UABF02)

    His hairstyles always defined what decade the flashbacks took place in.
  4. Captain_Smiley

    Rate & Review: "Mothers and Other Strangers" (UABF02)

    The continuity was weird. Mona left thirty years ago so that would be the Nineties but Abe looks like he's fighting in World War II instead of Vietnam and Dr. Hibbert has a Mr. T hairstyle.
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    Rate And Review: Steve's Franken Out (American Dad, FAJN10)

    Boring as hell. Wanted to turn it off halfway through.
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    Rate And Review: Rock Hard (Family Guy, KACX20)

    1) No Dewey Cox? 2) "We watched a bunch of biopics the other night and here's our take on them."
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    Rate & Review: "The Star of the Backstage" (QABF17)

    Weird. Here they are teenagers in the late '90s and Marge complaining about how she couldn't go to college and earlier we had an episode that was the mid-90s with Marge in college. Sliding timescales is confusing.
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    Family Guy Discussion Thread

    I don't really understand the take that to Lasik. I wear glasses and if I got Lasik I would have tell people why I'm no longer wearing glasses because they would be asking me.
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    Family Guy Discussion Thread
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    Let's just randomly post funny quotes

    It's part of my community service for my glug glug. Vroom vroom. Thump thump.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks

    The Mugato sex scene in last week's episode feels like something out of 'Family Guy'.
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    How Many Best Picture Academy Award Winners have you seen?

    Here's a fun question. When you watched these did you know that they were Oscar winners?
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks

    I have a theory about what happened to Boimler. He got separated into good and evil like Kirk.
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    Rate And Review: Henderson (American Dad, FAJN11)

    1) In the beginning you could easily swap Peter Grffin out for Stan. 2) I probably shouldn't have but I loved the scene when Stan accidentally kills Henderson.
  15. Captain_Smiley

    Rate And Review: "Mused and Abused" (American Dad, FAJN09)

    I love Klaus' verbal beatdown of Roger.
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    Your last camping experience?

    My last camping trip must have been about thirty years ago when I was a Boy Scout in Rhode Island.
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    Rate & Review: "The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A." (QABF13)

    It was part of the running gag of 'The Third Man' references in this episode. They just used the fat drunk Orson Welles so people could recognize him.
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    Rate And Review: "Meg Goes To College" (Family Guy, KACX16 )

    I was kind of hoping that the physical therapist would be Roger.
  19. Captain_Smiley

    Rate & Review: Family Guy "The Young Parent Trap" (KACX15)

    How old are Peter and Lois supposed to be? I'm tired of the cliché where you reach a certain age you don't know anything or how to do anything.
  20. Captain_Smiley

    About the 504 Gateway Time Out

    I saw the same thing too.