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  1. BlitzPhoenix98

    Rate & Review: Season 26

    Since there was no Rate & Review Thread for this one, I thought I'd make it myself this time. This season is pretty much another Al Jean Season - as in that there are only barely any real highlights and the rest are either middling or boring. 2nd half especially is all average or below average...
  2. BlitzPhoenix98

    BlitzPhoenix98's Top 50 Simpsons Episodes

    I saw someone previously post a thread where he included his Top 50 Simpsons episodes, and thus, I am also posting mine. Let me know what you think ;) 1. The Springfield Files (Season 8) 2. You Only Move Twice (Season 8) 3. Lisa the Vegetarian (Season 7) 4. Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4)...
  3. BlitzPhoenix98

    "Marge vs. The Monorail" vs. "Last Exit to Springfield"

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold. Two of the best Season 4 episodes, but which is really the better one? I call the big one Bitey or DENTAL PLAN? Choose carefully. Note: This was done because of a similar Twitter poll years back where people would decide the ultimate Simpsons episode.