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    Simpsons: For Kids or Adults?

    This is gonna sound corny but Mike Reiss said they didn’t write it towards kids or adults. They wrote it for themselves. So like looney tunes and muppets, it’s for everyone.
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    Best Swartzwelder episode

    The possibilities are endless. I think my favorite is “Homer’s Enemy.” “Rosebud” and “Homer the Great” are my second and third respectively.
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    Best Swartzwelder episode

    The possibilities are endless. I think mine is “Homer’s Enemy.” “Rosebud” and “Homer the Great” are second and third respectively.
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    The decline: gradual or sudden?

    It was gradual. Season 10 and its holdovers had some good episodes that had the potential to be great episodes (Homer to the Max, Mom and Pop Art, Brother's Little Helper, Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner). Even the great episodes (Lisa Gets an A, Mayored to the Mob) could've been even...
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    Worst non-clipshow of season 6?

    Seeing a lot of “fear of flying” and “homer vs patty and Selma” on here. I don’t care much for the former either, tho it’s still quite good. Coincidentally they’re the two lowest rated non-clip show episodes on IMDb
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    Rate & Review: "The Wayz We Were" (QABF19)

    More negatives than positives about this one. On the surface, it's very relatable with letting your insecurities get the better of you, and how wonderful it is when it doesn't turn out how you expected. But when it's a character like Moe, who use to threaten his customers point-blank and pull...
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    Matt Selman: The worst Simpsons showrunner ever!

    I'm sorry but that's a dumb reason to hate a show runner. First of all: Mirkin and Okaley/Weinstein sometimes skipped the chalk board gag too. And second: they, like Selman, did it because their episodes were jam packed with content, and some stuff had to be cut to maintain the 22 minute time...
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    What are your favorite Simpsons songs?

    Your wife don’t understand you Baby on board We do! See my vest Dr. Zaius You’ll never make a monkey out of me We out the spring in springfield All but the last song in “SimpsonCali…” Those were the days from “Lisa’s Sax” The garbageman can Guys and Dolls & Luke be a Jedi tonight Adults/kids...
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    Is The Simpsons the most outdated show on television?

    Yes, it’s outdated. In addition to the financial non-equivalency of modern times, the show was a loose parody of sitcoms from the 50s, particularly Dennis the Menace and Leave it to Beaver (Marge being the doting housewife, Homer being the breadwinner, Bart being a troublemaker). However, what...
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    Moments from the HD era that have dated already

    She’s not out of touch. It’s the children who are wrong.
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    Separate Vocations vs Lisa the Simpson

    I love both but probably Separate Vocations. It also involves Bart and satirizes school system with aptitude tests. “Lisa the Simpson” has a b-plot about Jasper freezing himself. It’s fun, but doesn’t add anything meaningful. “Separate Vocations” also returns to the status quo in a natural...
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    Simpsons episodes with similar plots to other Simpsons episodes

    There was a thread similar to this called “carbon copy episodes.” In that one, I compared “Lisa the Vegetarian” to “She of Little Faith.”
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    If season 8 had been the last, which episode would make the best series finale?

    If the show actually was ending with season 8 and they knew it, they would make a proper, canonical finale, and probably the spin-off showcase as an epilogue. I don’t know what the actual finale would be, but I bet it would’ve been amazing. They also would’ve changed the ending of “Brother From...
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    Episodes with 2 or more unrelated b-plots

    I misread the thread title as "episodes with unrelated b-plot." I dont think any episode can have more than one unrelated B plot without be stemmed from the A The only exception would be "Three Dreams Denied," but that's the point of the episode. And even Bart and Lisa discuss their problems to...
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    Lisa the Simpson vs. Secret War of Lisa Simpson

    Both very late Oakley and Weinstein episodes centering Lisa and her character growth. Also both very polarizing. My pick goes to Lisa the Simpson. I’ve always loved it, while TSWOLS I never cared for, especially as a finale.
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    How The Simpsons will be able to recover its rating?

    It never will. But that doesn’t matter anymore because of changing tv habits. As long as they keep selling merchandise and getting views on Disney+, it’ll stay on the air.
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    What is your Guilty Pleasure when it comes to Simpsons Episodes?

    Not really a guilty pleasure but more an unpopular opinion: The Principal and the Pauper. And several HD season 20 episodes
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    Politically Inept With Homer Simpson vs. The Kid Is All Right

    It's been a while since I've seen both. But "KIAR" will forever be engrained in my memory as among the worst ive ever seen.
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    Episodes with 2 or more unrelated b-plots

    Lisa's Rival and Brother From the Same Planet
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    Clown In The Dumps vs. Every Man's Dream

    Clown in the dumps by a thin margin. Like EMD, it also has the same recurring trope: Krusty quitting his show/getting kicked off the air. At least CITD has a sense of closure with the relationship between Krusty and his dad. And the death sticks. EMD leaves me with nothing