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    "Welcome to the world of tomorrow !" aka I rate and review Futurama

    I agree. Seeing her scream was classic.
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    Is lisa goes gaga a good episode

    Hell no!! The worst episode ever. One episode from the golden age was Lisa had a Dustin Hoffman like teacher who helped her. That was a classic. This is garbage.
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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers "Touch of Eval(uations)" (BASA10)

    Not bad. At least Louise had a change of heart and said something good about her teacher. The teacher wanted Louise to be the best she can be. The subplot was interesting. 3.5
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    Rate And Review: Mister Act (Family Guy, LACX08)

    There were some funny moments which include Dennis Franz as the instructor but they weren't enough to save this garbage. I'm also sick of fat jokes. Peter becoming a singer after an accident was done before on American Dad and that was done better. Jesus becoming a wimp? Come on!! Enough of...
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    Would anybody say American Dad is the real family show?

    The characters seem to really care for each other and have better relationships. Stan and Francine seem to have a stronger marriage. I can't say the same for Family Guy. Although American Dad has gone downhill, it's still better than Family Guy. The women are treated better, all the characters...
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    Rate & Review: "The Longest Marge" (UABF05)

    I was expecting more but instead I got less. There was some potential but it got bogged down by too much of Marge's parenting. Also, I think Homer should at least got a punch in the face. He did start that crowd booing at Grayson and yelling Buzz, buzz... and never gotten any comeuppance. He...
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    Rate And Review: Christmas Crime (Family Guy, LACX07)

    I never thought I say this. But this is the worst Christmas episode ever. This tops last years' The First No L. All the characters were so unlikeable and out of character. I couldn't stand Brian. All he ever did was complained that all Christmas was ever about was money. He sucked the life out...
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    Rate and Review: The Great North "Dip the Halls Adventure" (2LBW10)

    Another well done episode. Seeing Beef and company trying to get the costume was an adventure and I enjoyed the subplot. It gets a 5
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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers "Gene's Christmas Break" (BASA07)

    Well done. I can relate to Gene because I love the 70s music. I'm glad Teddy loved Morts' gift.
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    Family Guy Discussion Thread

    Yes. That's the episode.
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    Family Guy Discussion Thread

    The same what happened to Stans' voice. I forgot the name of the episode but Stans' voice got high after an accident. It was the episode when Steve went shop lifting.
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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers "FOMO You Didn't" (BASA09)

    It was charming. I enjoyed the subplot more because that is when the show had more heart. Maybe it's time for Tina to look for new friends.
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    Bart Simpson was the most popular Simpsons character in the 90's

    Exactly. How far can you go with Bart? Seeing Bart get into trouble was so limiting. You could do so much more with Homer.
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    Rate and Review: The Great North "From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure" (2LBW07)

    Well done. I'm glad Honeybee gave up the kiosk for love of her husband. Main plot was great.
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    Rate And Review: The Fatman Always Rings Twice (Family Guy, LACX06)

    It wasn't bad but I prefered And Then There Were Few. It's a classic and you didn't know who the murderer was. With this one, you knew who the killer would be. The casting was predictable. I'm getting tired of Peter and Lois together all the time and the same with Stewie in a dress. 1.5
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    Rate & Review: "Mothers and Other Strangers" (UABF02)

    This is a rehash of a superior episode. It wasn't also very good. Marge wasn't likeable and Bart was also a jerk. We get than Abe is a bad parent but we don't need to be reminded over and over. The same goes Mona. I'll stick with Mona's first couple of appearanaces and not with this one. 2.5
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    Comic scripts that originally were for TV?

    A lot would have worked as episodes. They were better than the modern episodes.
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    Rate & Review: "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" (UABF01)

    It wasn't bad. I just wished that Smithers would stop going after someone who is like Burns. Michael would have been a perfect match for him if he hadn't hurted that sweet puppy. I'm glad that .Smithers hung on to his morals. But at least he had somebody to come home to. 3.5
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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers "Stuck in the Kitchen with You" (BASA06)

    It was charming. Seeing Louise trying to decide whether to help Bob or help Zeke was fun. It all worked out. 5.5
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    Rate and Review: The Great North "Good Beef Hunting Adventure" (2LBW05)

    I loved seeing the family got together and went out and solved their problem. Funny seeing Moon curse. Great episode.