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    Would a permanent ban on Homer/Marge marriage crisis episodes help improve the show?

    Homer/Marge marriage crisis plots must be the most lazy overused theme in the shows history. At least several episodes per season always seem to fall back on this crutch, and I can’t believe anyone is invested in whether their marriage will survive the latest variation on this trope. Anyone else...
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    Do you think The Simpsons will make it to 1000 episodes?

    They will hit 700 episodes this season, so they’re well over the halfway mark. Think they’ll make it to 4 figures?
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    It’s 20 years to the day since Maude Flanders died.

    ... in the un-classic episode ‘Alone Again, Natura-Diddly’.
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    Beatles podcast does 2 hour Simpsons special feat. Jeff Martin and David Mirkin interviews

    Thought might be of interview to some here: the new episode of The Beatle podcast 'Something About the Beatles' is a Simpsons special and features extensive interviews with Jeff Martin and David Mirkin regarding the classic Simpsons episodes which featured Beatles guesting...
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    Simpsons and Seinfeld: parallel paths that diverged

    Ever noticed that The Simpsons and Seinfeld seemed to run in tandem throughout the 90s? Both started in 1989. Both started fairly good but by the middle of the decade had developed into brilliant innovative shows that were both critical and commercial smashes. By 1997, each was commencing their...
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    How about a full final season of alternate finales?

    Since it will be impossible to do a finale that will please everyone, how about they ended the Simpsons with a season (or half season) in which every episode was a different alternate finale, and fans could pick which one to use as their personal canon? You could do the 'it was all a dream'...
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    Did Homer kill Edna Krabappel?

    In the future episode 'Holidays of Future Passed' Flanders states that Homer killed Edna accidentally. Then, in 'The Man Who Grew Too Much' Ned is shown mourning Edna, but the cause of death is not stated. Although 'Holidays of Future Passed' is technically a non -canon episode, within the...
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    Dan Castellaneta's Beatle-esque album!

    Did you know Dan Castellaneta released a very excellent Beatles - sounding album under the name of 'Two Lips' a few years back? If no, here's a sampler: Full album details are here...
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    What if there was a Simpsons reboot explicitly set in the 90s?

    I don't mean like 'That 90s Show'.. I mean if there was a new Simpsons spin off series featuring the same characters that not only aimed at the quality of 90s Simpsons, but was also set within the time frame of the 90s? Maybe it could be a mini series with a planned ending that would be set...
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    Why did Jessica Lovejoy hardly ever reappear after 'Bart's Girlfriend'?

    I understand she made a few cameos in later episodes but you'd think being a family member of a series regular she would have appeared more than 4-5 times over 20 years.
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    Could Maude Flanders be plausibly resurrected?

    The Jean era re-set a lot of the excesses of Scully, but Maude's death (and the subsequent change of Flanders from having the perfect life to being a more tragic humbled figure) was obviously considered off-limits. But given the elastic nature of The Simpsons continuity and reality, would it...