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  1. SuperNintendo_Chalmers

    The Simpsons in the UK and Ireland

    With the change of the show moving from Sky One to Sky Showcase, what does it mean for the show's future? Channel 4 will also be airing the terrestrial premiere of season 29 presumably this November. On this thread you can discuss about the airing of The Simpsons on Sky, Channel 4, RTE and...
  2. SuperNintendo_Chalmers

    Season 34 Episode Ideas

    Just some ideas I had for new episodes for season 34. Feedback would be great. The Nuclear Games: Burns-ing Fire: Mr. Burns holds a race to get to the top of the cooling towers and has planted booby traps everywhere. The winner gets $100,000 and gets to run the power plant for a day. (EP1)...