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  1. Bohdan

    2022 Writers Guild Award Nominations - Full List

    TELEVISION, NEW MEDIA, AND NEWS NOMINEES DRAMA SERIES The Handmaid’s Tale, Written by Yahlin Chang, Nina Fiore, Dorothy Fortenberry, Jacey Heldrich, John Herrera, Bruce Miller, Aly Monroe, Kira Snyder, Eric Tuchman; Hulu Loki, Written by Bisha K. Ali, Elissa Karasik, Eric Martin, Michael...
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    Directed by David Silverman. So, this time that's musical clip.
  3. Bohdan

    Something really stupid - The Simpsons plot synopsis made after the episode title

    Something really impulsive and I hope for a long time. Not secret, there are actually some episodes made after stupid title pun. What if I will present new plots for ALL episodes in such way? New plots, but I try to include episode style (nothing really Scully-ish in the era of Matt, James and...
  4. Bohdan

    In loving memory of.../Dedicated to... episodes

    Sadly, there were much episodes, which dedicated to some person, who had died before episode aired. In most cases it meant that briefly frame of person's Simpsons character in the end of end credits. In early times it was just a relative writing within credits. The first such episode was Homer's...
  5. Bohdan

    Gone Boy vs. Lost Our Lisa

    I know, these episodes seem to be completely different: they are from different show eras, different staff, showrunners etc. However, there are some common features: first (obvious) in both episodes one of The Simpsons kid (Bart or Lisa) got missing, an others are looking for him/her. And...
  6. Bohdan

    Foreign (NON-US) Simpsons broadcasting history

    I've thought about creating such thread for a long time. Different factors or postponing after NHC xenforo transition delay it. So, today I ve eventually started, I hope, interesting worldwide deep into broadcasting if "The Simpsons" in different countries. There are actually many NHC members...
  7. Bohdan

    The final words of "The Simpsons" series

    ATTENTION: NOT THE LAST SCENE, or THE LAST LINE, SPELLED BY THE LAST CHARACTER SHOWN. I mean, the staff anyway, will deliver to the VIEWERS of such long-running show, some final message (like signs in 500th (At long last leave) or 450 1st (Once upon a time, due to 20th of the series) in some...
  8. Bohdan

    22 for 30 vs. Woo-hoo Dunnit?

    Both episodes are "mockumentaries" (parody on documentary). They were perceived well, and belong to the bests in respective [not very successful] seasons (judging by fans review). IMHO, they both are equinely very good (not great nor season highs). Maybe "Woo-hoo Dunnit?" a mile better, but...
  9. Bohdan

    Bedrock (The Flintstones successor) discussion

    FOX ENTERTAINMENT, WARNER BROS. ANIMATION AND ELIZABETH BANKS’ BROWNSTONE PRODUCTIONS TO DEVELOP PRIMETIME ANIMATED ADULT COMEDY “BEDROCK” Half-hour Comedy Based on Pioneering Animated Series “The Flintstones,” With Banks Set to Voice the Beloved Character of “Pebbles Flintstone” FOX’s Free...
  10. Bohdan

    Which episodes you suggest to see to newbie for "The Simpsons" person?

    I thought about this question. Imagine, your brother/sister/mother/dad/grandma/uncle/cousin/friend/teacher/girlfriend/colleague/old pen friend/random familiar/house owner etcetera (you got the think) going to start watch "The Simpsons" for the first time. He/she asks you (as the person, who...
  11. Bohdan

    Rank the current writers

    Inspired by the same directors thread, let's rank the writers. In alphabethic order: Joel H. Cohen * John Frink * Freelancers* under Al Jean * Freelancers under Matt Selman * Tom Gammill & Max Pross * Dan Greaney * Al Jean * Brian Kelley * Ryan Koh * Rob LaZebnik * Tim Long (& Miranda Thompson)...
  12. Bohdan

    Steal This Episode vs. Bart the Bad Guy

    Do I need to explain why I chose these episodes?
  13. Bohdan

    Potentional Selman-runned episodes in seasons 13-22

    Now, I'll clarify, what I mean. Rewatching season 22 some time later, I found that after really weak «The Scorpion’s Tale», «A Midsummer’s Nice Dream», «Love Is a Many Strangled Thing», the «The Great Simpsina» looked for me as something... to said, maybe not better, but agree - it's different...
  14. Bohdan

    The B's episodes ideas

    I've thought, whether post such thread for a long time... and eventually I decided:) I have a several plot ideas. In my head they sounded pretty good, but I won't be against some real critica.;) I'll post a new plot after enough responds to previous one. In italic my own comments So, start on)...
  15. Bohdan

    That 90’s Show vs The Clown Stays in the Picture

    What of these flashback episodes is better (btw, both are written by Matt Selman and are connected to "marriage crisis"). My vote for "90's show". It has some...ok, not good, but watchable moments. Your turn!
  16. Bohdan

    Hulu Unveils Outrageous & Beloved Nominees for the First Ever Adult Animation "HAHA Awards"

    Hulu Unveils Outrageous & Beloved Nominees for the First Ever Adult Animation "HAHA Awards" There are following nominations: Best New Show Duncanville Solar Opposites Crossing Swords Bless the Harts Best Fart Performance Cleveland (The Cleveland Show) Peter (Family Guy) Rick (Rick and...
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    TITLES, which you hate

    I'll repeat: discuss TITLES, NOT EPISODES. For example, I've hated title «Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious» (season 8, episode 13, make sure I'd copied and pasted this one). I understand, that it (and whole episode) is parody on song from Merry Poppins, but I can't stand and...
  18. Bohdan

    Al Jean has signed with the Gersh Agency

    Source: Deadline Maybe a stupid question (if so, sorry in advance), does it mean he leaves The Simpsons, or, maybe he will spend less time working on the show (maybe he's going to take a break)?
  19. Bohdan

    Your favourite THOH opening(s)

    It's not vote, but rather a complement to the current Treehouse of Horror's segments! vote. Which THOH opening sequence do you like the most? Or, maybe you enjoy several openings at once? (you might saw opening(s) in title of the thread) Personally, in my view, all THOH openings can be devided...
  20. Bohdan

    New WGA Strike 2020?

    WGA Members Overwhelmingly Approve “Pattern Of Demands” For Contract Talks That Could Spark Industry’s First Strike Since 2008 Actually, I've read about this on one Ukrainian (my native) source, which reffered to Deadline. Also it included one more sentence, which I didn't see in Deadline. I...