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    Saw Harry Shearer tonight!

    at a book signing at Borders on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. He was there promoting his new novel, Not Enough Indians, which is about a rundown town in New York that tries to revive itself by declaring themselves an Indian tribe and opening a casino. Funny premise, and the portion of the book he...
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    IGN picks the top 10 THOH segments (read: autofellatio) Appropriately, none of these are after season 10. And it's a good list, despite it probably being used as a promotional tool for the new THOH.
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    fucking fox chicago

    you took out the 5pm simpsons and replaced it with another... yes dear?! what the fuck is wrong with this station. at least i can watch king of the hill on FX on fridays
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    dennis weaver has died

    you may remember he was in lastest gun in the west: RIP :(
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    Ask Bill and Josh 2 Q&A Thread

    Once again, once you post in this thread, it will not appear. The questions are sent to the moderation queue where they will be selected by the moderators. All right, kids! Wow, lots has changed since the first Q&A session. And while I'd love to stay and chat, I'm headed to Florida to get away...
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    Ask Bill and Josh 2: Coming January 8

    On Sunday night we'll be opening the next Ask Bill and Josh thread for your questions, and beginning on Monday, Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein return to answer them. This time around, we will be limiting the questions to those pertaining to what was said on the season 7 DVD commentaries, the...
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    Ask Bill and Josh Q&A Thread

    Please note that if you post in this thread, it WILL NOT appear right away (we may also reserve the right to withhold questions that are not as appropriate or repetitive). We are screening the posts in this thread, so please only post your questions once! Back in 2002, the NHC was given a very...
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    Al Shamshoon D'oh! Arabized Simpsons Aren't Getting Many Laughs By YASMINE EL-RASHIDI Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL October 14, 2005; Page B1 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- When an Arab satellite TV...
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    Simpsons-Related TV Guide Cover #49043

    Heh, why not. TV Guide is ditching the old-fashioned digest format for a new full-size format, so they're doing something special for their last small-scale issue: they're recreating old classic covers with modern TV stars: Regis and Kelly are Major Nelson and Jeannie, the cast of Bernie Mac...
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    Family Guy Rate/Review: North by North Quahog

    IT'S BACK, BITCHEZ :MrT: Thread opens when the episode ends on the Stratocaster Coast.
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    NEW: NHC RSS Feed (Firefox Live Bookmark/My Yahoo!; Simpsons forums only)

    The NHC now has an RSS feed for the Simpsons forums. If you have Firefox you can now display the most recent threads in the Simpsons forums via a Live Bookmark. You should have an orange (depending on theme) icon in the lower right hand corner of your status bar that will give you the option to...
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    Rate/Review: Future-Drama (GABF12)

    and Amy Poehler is in this. Therefore, good, right? We'll see. Thread opens when this thing ends on the El Kabong Coast.
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    Rate/Review: The Seven-Beer Snitch (GABF08)

    SNPP sez: Thread opens once the episode ends on the East Coast, where guitar-smashings are frequently carried out in my name by certain members. I appreciate that.
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    Could the Future of Fox Sunday Night Be Football?

    I just now heard of this... as early as next year, Fox could be airing NFL games on Sunday nights for the last eight weeks of the season. This is all I could find about it, but they're talking about it, especially if ABC...
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    Hey Mike Scully, remember when I PMed you?

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    Rate/Review: On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister (GABF05)

    Not much in the description area: Lisa gets a restraining order against Bart, Homer becomes a Sprawl-Mart greeter, and I'm doing this while watching the episode. Hey, I got to watch Act I this week! Thread opens when the episode ends on the East Coast. EDIT: Adding Random Viewer Guy's...
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    American Dad Rate/Review: Pilot (1AJN01)

    I know, I know, this show doesn't look too good. But for now I'll give it the formal R/R treatment and wait until the end to decide if I wanna keep doing this or just do it for FG. Thread opens once the episode finishes airing.
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    Rate/Review: Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass (GABF02)

    SUPER BOWL THREAD NUMBER TWO FOR SUPER BOWL THREAD NUMBER ONE, SEE DUFF STADIUM FOR SUPER BOWL THREAD NUMBER THREE, SEE ITCHY AND WHATEVER Thread will open once the episode ends, whenever that may be--the episode will most likely start at 10-10:30p ET at the earliest...
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    Rate/Review: Midnight Rx (FABF16)

    FINALLY, A NEW EPISODE! The last of the FABF production line airs today... in January. Wow. Some grabs from the Fox promo: More grabs at Thread opens once the episode concludes on the East Coast.
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    TV Guide: A Christmas letter from Homer

    Once again the Simpsons are on the cover of TV Guide (US) again. They also have a special Christmas letter from Homer in the magazine, which is kinda funny. Also some new original Simpsons art as well. A small excerpt: