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    Would anybody say American Dad is the real family show?

    The characters seem to really care for each other and have better relationships. Stan and Francine seem to have a stronger marriage. I can't say the same for Family Guy. Although American Dad has gone downhill, it's still better than Family Guy. The women are treated better, all the characters...
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    Peter Griffins' sexuality

    After seeing the last episode Brief Encounter, we should question whether Peter is straight or gay. Peter makes up with Quagmire by stripping down to his underwear and dances with him. WTF? There was another time he made up with Quagmire after they broke up the singing group they were in. They...
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    If The Simpsons had ended in the 90s wouldit have aged better?

    Instead of lasting this long, it would have bowed out gracefully instead of being a dated relic.
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    There are some things I noticed in the 2 years

    There hasn't been any Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, Bart hasn't been making any prank calls and most of all, Homer hasn't been strangling Bart. (To tell you the truth I miss that one.) Did they drop these to keep show relevant?
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    Will there be any more future episodes?

    The last one was that abomination Holidays of Future Future. If they make another one, I hope it'll be better.
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    Anybody glad Bart gets his comeuppances?

    There are times I'm glad Bart gets his comeuppances. He deserved them because he hurts not only his family but his friends. Even in the comics, he got what's coming to him because he became so horrible to those around him.
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    In the episode Go Broke or Go Homer....

    when the intern called Bart fat and ugly, I LMAO! I know it was mean but somebody finally told Bart off and Bart didn't have a comeback. Even Lisa laughed. I'm sorry but it was funny.
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    Bart being strangle

    Does anybody think that Bart actually deserved to be strangled? I know it's not funny but this is Bart. He was a smart ass to Homer and he has done so many horrible things that if he is gone I would n't miss him.
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    Time for Homer to get a new neighbor

    I want to see how Homer would react to getting a new neighbor who won't put up with any of Homers' crap. Ned Flanders to me has ran his coarse. He has fought back a few times but I'm tired of seeing the same joke of Homer being horrible to him, stealing from him and that infamous episode when he...
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    The Simpsons comics is ending

    It will end with issue 245 later this year. Well at least it knew when to quit. There were original stories that would have been cool to see on the show. It had a good run.
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    Ranking the future episodes

    I love the future episodes and I hope they make more. Here is how I rank them from best to worst. 1. Holidays of Future Passed 2. Lisa's Wedding 3. Barthood 4. Bart to the Future 5. Future - Drama 6. Days of Future Future How would you rank them?
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    The Simpsons comics

    Have the writers or the creator ever looked into the Simpson comics? They are great and they would make great episodes.