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    Where are the bonus features on Disney+?

    Unlike other shows, we know there are hundreds of hours of bonus features already produced for The Simpsons previously released on home video and Simpsons World, and I'm pretty certain the show has lots of unreleased stuff too. Why isn't any of it on Disney+? There's an "Extras" tab for...
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    Do you think that The Simpsons will be exclusive on Disney+ and will stop airing on TV after more than 3 decades?

    Disney's entertainment streaming services are bigger than ABC, and The Simpsons is already the #1 show on Disney+/Star+/Hotstar/etc. so if it was to start airing new episodes (instead of last season's episodes), it would be a bigger deal. The only reason it would air on ABC is if there is a...
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    Do you think that The Simpsons will be exclusive on Disney+ and will stop airing on TV after more than 3 decades?

    Disney+ is benefiting greatly under the current arrangement with Fox paying for a chunk of the show, so I don’t see that ending. But the moment Fox says no to a renewal, it’ll just move to Disney+ exclusively. That’s a no brainer. They’ll probably also do spin-offs too. With the main show...
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    What if the modern Simpsons meets their season 1 themselves from the same series started on December 17, 1989?

    Maybe as a 5 minute short on Disney+, perhaps to celebrate getting the rights to the original 80s shorts if that ever happens, but not as an episode. The original characterisations were so basic.
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    Report: The Simpsons Was Disney+’s #1 Show in 2021, Bigger Than Marvel and Star Wars

    Granted Al Jean might not want to change things up, but I find it hard to believe Disney hasn’t given him a blank cheque to expand production capacity to get another movie and spin-off series going. Al Jean must also realise he could easily land a $100M a year type deal.
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    Report: The Simpsons Was Disney+’s #1 Show in 2021, Bigger Than Marvel and Star Wars At this point, all the writers and producers on the show could walk into any network or studio and land themselves a talent deal worth $$$.
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    A new short entirely in Spanish is coming I’m guessing it’s another promo film.
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    Season 33 Information Thread

    Oh wow. The show has come a long way.
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    Season 33 Information Thread

    It's a good thing they got out ahead of tonight's episode to announce it as "non-canon", because we're already getting people screaming about the deaths.
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    Season 33 Information Thread

    Article about and a fun trailer for the two parter: Confirmed: These are non-canon episodes
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    The Simpsons episodes originally written for other shows?

    I feel like every single aspect of Friends has been examined by millions of fans worldwide, so if this was the case, it would be common knowledge. I've personally seen every episode of Friends multiple times, and your post is the first I'm hearing about this! I could see some unused Seinfeld...
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    Season 33 Information Thread

    The screenshots that Selman is uploading to Twitter are in 4K. Likely just screenshots from a 16:10 device he’s using, but it has me thinking that the show will probably make the leap to 4K at some point. Has this been discussed at all?
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    The Simpsons in the UK and Ireland

    I have a little inside baseball on this. Sky Showcase will continue to air The Simpsons as its ONLY(!!!) regularly scheduled show, but Twentieth Century Television made the case (before a new deal was bashed out) that it’s not the same channel as Sky One so Sky forfeited their rights to the...
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    Season 33 Information Thread

    Season 33 and this show is the #2 highest rated scripted series on broadcast TV on Sundays, even without the football bump. Al Jean needs to start hiring more crew, because both Disney+ and FOX will be wanting that spin-off series.
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    If The Simpsons Movie 2 were CGI animated?

    Not anymore. A 3D animated film is now significantly quicker to animate than 2D. Today, some 2D animation projects are actually 3D animation done in the style of 2D, because of how much quicker it is to do. It's like Flash animation on crack. By the way, we all forgot that The Simpsons Ride at...
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    If The Simpsons Movie 2 were CGI animated?

    I wouldn't have a problem, but I'd want it to be extremely high quality. This (fan) render is basically what I'd expect.
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    Rate & Review: "Manger Things" (QABF09)

    Have any of the producers said why they're airing a Christmas episode in March? Surely this could have aired at Christmas, and another episode aired as the 700th episode. The "Dr Suess is cancelled" gag also suggests this was recently given some tweaks too, so those continuity errors could have...
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    Rate & Review: "Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?" (QABF08)

    It was a remarkably well animated episode. One of their best I think. Could it be because there is a new producer?
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    Season 32 Information Thread

    Sorry, I meant more in the new production batches?