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  1. B-Boy

    Abridged Post-Classic Simpsons - REDUX

    100% agree. Otherwise I'll never get this bloody thing finished. 😂
  2. B-Boy

    Guilty pleasures

    Hmm. These come to mind: Another Simpsons Clip Show The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace I'm With Cupid Make Room for Lisa Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder Homer vs. Dignity The Computer Wore Menace Shoes The Great Money Caper The Blunder Years The Strong Arms of the Ma Brake My Wife, Please Catch 'Em...
  3. B-Boy

    Lauren MacMullan: Should she be asked back?

    Does Lauren have a Twitter or do interviews? I'd certainly be keen to see her responding to such questions.
  4. B-Boy

    Looking back at seasons 17-20.

    For me, the quality of the Jean era rapidly deteriorated after the FAB production cycle. Work on the season 16-19 cycles correspond with more concentrated work and focus on The Simpsons Movie at the time. I suspect that as the movie ramped up, everyone had less energy and enthusiasm for the show...
  5. B-Boy

    Lauren MacMullan: Should she be asked back?

    Life could be a dream sh-boom. I'm sure I speak for many Simpsons aficionados when I say she'd be welcomed back with open arms.
  6. B-Boy

    Abridged Post-Classic Simpsons - REDUX

    Hey @CousinMerl! Always happy when someone checks in. Keeps me from getting too slack. 😅 The last 4-6 week holiday period has been full on so not much progress to report since my last update. I've long-listed 175 episodes (enough for seven seasons), but that equates to almost exactly 60% of the...
  7. B-Boy


    Only Discovery since I'm not particularly invested in it. I watched Picard week to week.
  8. B-Boy


    I must confess, I haven't watched it yet! I intend to binge it after the season is finished airing.
  9. B-Boy

    Happy Holidays, NHC!

    Merry Christmas everyone! And a very happy birthday to our esteemed @Brad Lascelle.
  10. B-Boy

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Definitely the best of the Home trilogy in part because it was more about him.
  11. B-Boy

    I wanted to write a farewell letter before I go.

    Ah @Szyslak100, you're a legend dude. I'm sad to see you go, but I respect your decision. It's not easy to acknowledge when we've got an unhealthy relationship or fixation with something. I understand all too well what you mean (I've experienced similar things myself). It's even harder to step...
  12. B-Boy

    Rate & Review: "A Made Maggie" (UABF03)

    A 5/10 would correspond to a 2.5-3.
  13. B-Boy


    Not really! I must admit, I prefer reading opinions rather than watching/listening to them. I'll definitely give your suggestions a look.
  14. B-Boy

    Rate & Review: "Mothers and Other Strangers" (UABF02)

    I wouldn't say Abe ever really tried his best.
  15. B-Boy


    'Overstuffed' is definitely an accurate term to describe Picard. It wasn't all bad (Nepenthe was fantastic and the ending was beautiful). I really could have done without all the violence and grimness though. There's enough of that on TV already.
  16. B-Boy

    nohomers top 50 video games!

    No one? Fine, I'll do it myself. Some of these will be whole series/franchises, but I'll specify which entry is my favourite when I do: Half-Life (Half-Life 2: Episode Two) Mass Effect (Mass Effect 3) Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) Fallout (New Vegas) Batman: Arkham (Arkham City) Halo (Reach)...
  17. B-Boy

    Very Unpopular Opinions (Movie Edition)

    Bang on. I've enjoyed the MCU Spider-Man films (and I'm quite keen for No Way Home which I'll be seeing in a bit over 24 hours), but there are some issues with them. They (and, by extension, Tom Holland) are always in the shadow of other MCU films and characters. I think the perfect word to...
  18. B-Boy

    What series have you seen complete?

    In terms of long running shows? The Simpsons, Frasier, Dragon Ball Z, 24, LOST, and Dexter. I feel like there should be more, but I can't think of any others. I've watched almost every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek up until the end of Enterprise. I had watched every episode...
  19. B-Boy


    Enterprise is also my least favourite of Berman-era Trek. I've never fully gotten into it (though, again, it has some stellar episodes like Dear Doctor) and I think that's because it felt, for lack of a better word, 'pop-y'? Which is to say, it tried to be more accessible, mainstream and...