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    Where are the bonus features on Disney+?

    Unlike other shows, we know there are hundreds of hours of bonus features already produced for The Simpsons previously released on home video and Simpsons World, and I'm pretty certain the show has lots of unreleased stuff too. Why isn't any of it on Disney+? There's an "Extras" tab for...
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    Report: The Simpsons Was Disney+’s #1 Show in 2021, Bigger Than Marvel and Star Wars At this point, all the writers and producers on the show could walk into any network or studio and land themselves a talent deal worth $$$.
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    A new short entirely in Spanish is coming I’m guessing it’s another promo film.
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    Kevin Michael Richardson to Take Over Voicing Dr. Hibbert
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    ‘The Simpsons’ to Stream Exclusively on Disney+ Pretty much as expected, The Simpsons is front and centre a big part of Disney+. I also reckon Season 33 onwards will be a Disney+ Original series, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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    Is it Edna Krabappel or Edna Flanders?

    The show hasn't revealed it yet - they haven't referred to her as either name since she got married to Ned - but what do we think it is? :)
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    The Simpsons wins at WGA Awards Last season's "Wedding for Disaster" won Best Writing for Animation, or whatever they call it. So even though this forum seems to castrate the series' most recent efforts, the Industry seems to still love it.
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    New Character Discussion - spoilers!

    The Irish boy - Colin - is he a new character that'll appear in the main series from now on? I can see there being a love-triangle now between him, Lisa and Milhouse. What are other people's thoughts?
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    Even earlier release in UK!

    Check out your local cinema - they should be releasing the film Wednesday 25th July. And some major Vue cinemas are doing extremely late (midnight) screenings on 24th July too!