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    Show likely ending at Season 30, says Al Jean

    Wowwww, this is... shocking to me. That they are actually discussing the end. i can feel the nostalgia for season 24 flowing in my blood already Source This was mentioned briefly in one post in the Season 27 thread, but I think this deserves its own thread. Do you think it really will end...
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    I feel like the HD Era puts too much emphasis on jokes

    I think people miss this point completely and just dismiss it because people generally think the show isn't as funny anymore so they just feel there is no way it doesn't have enough jokes but if you seriously just concentrate on the episode, there are a LOT of gags being made. Season 25...
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    One thing you won't believe happens in The Simpsons - #1 will shock you! CLICK HERE

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    Let's just randomly post funny quotes

    inspired by this reddit thread: LE GRILLE. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!
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    i thought this was interesting

    So on the AV Club comments, someone posted this: First they did a great flashback episode about Homer and Marge meeting; then a very good one about Bart as an infant; then a fairly good one about Lisa as an infant; now a truly awful one about Maggie as an infant. I'm going to start a collection...
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    Post some good moments of the show.

    They don't have to be emotional, funny, quotable or whatever. Just post GOOD MOMENTS. (don't believe we've ever had a thread like this?) here you go! One of my all-time favourite moments of the series is in Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie when Homer sneaks upstairs to bring Bart some pizza. The...
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    The Simpsons - RATED M FOR MATURE

    I sure am glad George Bush declared this show unworthy for families!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :gatorlusty...
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    you'll never know dear, how much I love you.....

    A rather controversial Simpson's emotional moment. Some think it's rather gratuitous, and even sappy and over-done, yet other's think it is one of the classic emotional Simpson moments. THOUGHTS
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    Simpsons News

    Way too many times there are articles, videos, general information that either end up in an irrelevant thread like the S26 one (that then get moved to the TOO HOT thread) or even have their own thread entirely that die out shortly after. Well I say no more! To kick start us off, Al Jean and...
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    HD-Era Screenshots

    Whilst the majority of members agree the animation is pretty poor in the HD-era, that doesn't mean individual stills can't be really gorgeous. Post some here!
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    Is Season 5 the weakest season of 2-8?

    Edit: I want to leave 8 out of this, just Seasons 2-7. When I'm deciding whether to watch an episode of The Simpsons or not and I'm reading through the DVD episode lists, Season 5 is always the season that rarely seems to tickle my fancy. I started going through all the episodes and I just...
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    Dead Homer Society

    I've been going on there a little bit more recently, mostly looking at older articles ("threads", I guess) because some people over there are genuinely clever and make some great points. They are overly negative, willing to overlook every single positive thing in the show just to make a jab at...
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    Willie's Views On Scottish Independence

    Didn't want to side-track the Scottish Independence Thread because I'm enjoying reading it and I don't want it to get dragged down by all the hate that is sure to ensue Here's another attempt at Simpson's being topical: Kinda predictable gags, not as bad as past topical videos though It's a...
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    Play-by-Play Review Thread

    After the recent FXX thread that was absolutely huge, I had a great time reading through it and reading all the general lines from the episodes. When watching the thread live, I loved how people were discussing jokes as they appeared at the same time and gags they completely forgot about. I also...
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    I Review: Simpsons Classic Era (+ some extras!)

    Simpson Review Links: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Bart the Genius Homer's Odyssey No Disgrace like Home ------------------------------------------------------ Edit: Just wanted to say that I know very few people read these things but I hope the small amount of you who do read it, enjoy...