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  • ha just makes you that i visited your page

    also noticed that you like the yankees and radiohead :thumbsup:
    Gotta agree - Bresnan's a poor-mans Flintoff.
    Shahzad should still get a game v Bangladesh, seem as Anderson's not there - he should do ok.
    As for Luke Wright - meh - he's had a few good games for England.
    GTA San Andreas was the last game i bought, along with Brian Lara cricket 2006, which was crap.
    D'ya follow much test cricket?
    Yep, and the way things are goin' 20/20 will be all that'll exist, so they'll have to take it more seriously.
    But hey, why that red rose lot? Are you an ex-pat from smokey old Manc to the 'smog'(?) of SA!?
    Yeah, i think you'll do better than yorkshire tho', but another last match survival campaign should keep things interesting for us again. As for one day cricket - uurrgghh!
    Dig the cricket reference on the new avatar - but the red rose - ha ha ha ha

    I'm afraid it will be bust again - it's amazin it's been 60 years since they last even shared one!
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