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  • yo zach, don't knowif ya ever saw the super cops but it's on youtube now
    I thought I recognized you! I gave you a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop and you never did it!
    saw shaft in africa and black mama, white mama recently and enjoyed both
    could have seen sweet sweetback's baadasssss song in a theatre but I was working
    tcm isnt showing anything for the next little while except repeats so I guess blax are on pause for a while
    hey zach, glad to see you and your bro are all right.
    shame about the bruins loss. not a good day
    saw the slams which I saw was on your top 50 list last time we did a movie list. it was pretty solid
    probably the best blax after shaft (so far)
    also saw trouble man which was ok but the plot was way too straightforward.
    good to see early paul winfield tho
    I was also thrown by how "safe" it was. no nudity, barely any swearing, was practically a PG film
    compared to the hit man where it seemed everybody was buck naked at some point.
    a couple of years ago i told you i was watching the super cops by gordon parks on tv and you said you hadn't seen it and loved that director.
    i don't know if you've seen it since, but if ya got cable tcm is airing it in november sometime
    turner classic movies of course
    it ran in one of their tcm underground time slots
    watched boss n***** and the muthers recently and they were ok
    boss had some funny moments and a solid theme song but didn't really build to much
    the muthers had some good performances but was a little too cheap looking for me to enjoy
    next goal gets the game and maybe series
    your words have been duly marked
    well this is a little embarrassing. I forgot to watch.
    i learned the sens lost from neds post lol
    hahaha those are fantastic. i listened to that dracula gottfried clip and died when stern did the stake joke.
    had its moments for sure but fairly unremarkable compared to the original
    feels weird to say this, but there were too many white people haha
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