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  • you did. I always assumed the joke was he wasn't a Flanders and just wanted to have food at the Flanders barbeque
    since it is suggested NOT to thank people in the Q@A Thread, due to +1 posting, thanks for answering my question :)
    i came 7th in the first one and 8th in the second one (out of ten).. feels like an alright start. still, i'll never see those 2 dollars and 30 cent again :)

    congrats on your victory. i think i'll go try my luck again now

    Just wanted you let you know what I have been up to: going to Disneyland with my older brother and his co-worker's family and relatives on June 24th.

    On September 22nd to the end of that month, I will be on the East coast: Maine, Vermont, New York and Canada.

    Hopefully, Tyrant WON'T have any wild kitty-kitty orgy parties when I'm away!

    TYRANT T. TABBY: (Has a 'cat-that-ate-the-canary-bird' smile on his face) You wanna bet?

    Honoring your friend request. Noticed that you are also owned by a cat...Tyrant hopes it's a girl.

    TYRANT T. TABBY: (Lustful) A Welch wench!
    I didn´t know about it until you mentioned in youtube thread. The kid in me considered it a well spent afternoon :). I´ll probably repeat it some time since that 41 of yours is bothering me.
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