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  • I like you, Xaiv. To actually not fall into extremes like some others are, that shows how much of a real person you are.
    if it helps, xaiv, I implore you to read my post

    I was asleep for 80% of it and didn't intend on it blowing up. what I just posted was what I thought was going to happen
    yeah that makes sense

    he was very, very nervous that he would get the blame for it and I kept telling him I wouldn't do that
    haven't written a song in many a moons now. i'm just not inspired or certain of what I want to write. put simply, i dunno who I am right now. that's probably typical 20-year-old anxiety and stuff but it's stressful.

    how good are you at guitar? been playing awhile? recently started trying to learn how to play, I get alot of bum chords coming out though. lot of flat notes and such, finger placement is a pain for me right now.
    yeah it's great to have a group to bounce ideas off of and create with. I used to be in a shitty little high school rock band with a few friends called Ellipsis (singer came up with the name). I was the nervous and self-conscious drummer, we had one great guitarist who knew his way around his instrument but rarely strayed from standard metal riffing, a bassist who couldn't play his instrument and was being taught by the guitarist during our sessions, and a singer who bless his heart, could not carry a tune to save his life. we were fantastic, if it weren't obvious. we actually began crafting a song I had written, can't remember it's name but it was kind of a Coheed and Cambria pastiche? big, alt-proggy thing with shouty vocals and arpeggios and such. anyway, that lasted about three legit weeks, before our guitarist had his guitar sold off by his junkie roomate unbeknownst to him. end that wonderful saga. i wish we coulda made something of it.
    I wish I could say I've been more productive, though I am sporadically working on my own music, mostly experimental/electronic stuff made with FL Studios. I used to make beats for tracks for a friend but lately it's been at my own pace. have debated with myself whether or not to ever share them with anybody. it's the closest I have to something to leave behind as evidence that I existed. somewhat morbid but eh, it's nice to feel a sense of importance in yourself, and when I'm really "feeling" a track it's otherworldly. also play drums, though I haven't in awhile, my dad took 'em down and hasn't reassembled them. what about you? ever had interest in making music? you definitely appear to have an appreciation for the art form and very unique (good thing) tastes.
    nothing super interesting, which is the main reason I don't tend to "reach out" myself, because I'm not looking to bore members to death. but mostly I've been listening to Weird Al and R.E.M., playing some old video games (and Mario Kart 8!) and just surfing the webernet. it's been a rather uneventful week, though that's nothing new. life's mostly preoccupied with the coping and growing with OCD, which yeah is a bitch to say the least. I'm sure I've babbled about it on the forum before. simply put, I've made alot of foolish and irresponsible mistakes in my life and I'm trying to grow from them, but when you've pushed yourself so far back, it's hard to climb back up. trying though.
    hello xaiv.

    sorry I couldn't make the tinychat, ancient and broken home internet and all. i'll pop in on my buddy's faster computer this weekend.

    i've never messaged you before, so I'm doing that.

    hello. what's new? what's old? how's it hanging? is it hanging? tell all!
    Oh please do send it to me! From that synopsis it reminds me of Firefly (sans cowboys) and if it still reminds me of Firefly when i've read it that's a hell of a compliment. Also you might inspire me to get off my ass and attempt writing again since i'd also like to get into science fiction again.
    I know I'm a little early on this, but I just wanted to say happy birthday. You're a great poster, and your posts almost always make me smile, even when I don't want to.
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