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  • It's sad to see you leave this forum. I hope you come back in the future. Best of luck to you
    Is there any other way to get in contact if you're closing? I mean, out of the entire forum you're like one of the few members actually worth a damn in a sea of unfunny shitposters.
    I heard about you wanting your account closed down. I'm really sorry to hear that, all you tried to do was liven up a rotting forum with some discussions. It sucks how unwelcoming people have been of you. Take care.
    @Welcome To Moe's Yeah I have been away a while. Between uni taking up 110% of my time, and some other new (some Simpsons-themed) projects I've taken on, I've not really had time to properly post.

    The thing I used to do were fairly long reviews of season 29's episodes, but I've just not had the time to do the same thing properly for Season 30 - which has kinda annoyed me to be honest.

    Anyway I thought I'd drop in to let people know that I'm not dead .
    How do you class Tapped Out compared to the show, since that’s written by the show’s writers?
    I appreciate the effort, but I’m not a fan of GIF avatars. Plus, a member once had that exact GIF as an avatar. Thanks for caring about me enough to make one, though.
    Not really, no. That's why I enjoy new members, it's nice to see something fresh. Most mainstays now hate the Simpsons section and mainly stay off-topic.
    Just saw your post in the WSMB thread, I didn't mean to be rude myself, sorry if I came off that way, I was mostly just warning you since the above quoting makes a lot of members here angry. But despite all the strict guidelines, you'll notice this forum is VERY chill with moderation in general.

    By the way, 8 posts a day is nothing. Maybe you created too many threads in one day? The admins usually try to not have one person make too many threads at once. As for 8 posts, I'm not sure why anyone would tell you to slow down.
    Who told you to slow down? I don't really care about them, but I know a lot of people here give members crap for quoting people right above them. Peopoe here tend to go back and look for replies themselves, I'm not on many active forums so I wouldn't know.
    It does make sense, but considering most people who post here has been here for years, we've learned to go check back on threads we've posted in ourselves. At least cut his quote down a little I guess. I'm surprised no one has told you this yet, new members are usually told about this quickly.

    I personally only quote someone if there's at least 2 replies in between :S
    Just FYI, you don't need to quote the post you're replying to if it's right above yours. A lot of people here think it's annoying. Me included if the post is incredibly long like AlphaOmega's
    Really like your activity here man, it's always nice to see fresh blood around here. I used to be active, making several posts per day, now I'm lucky if I make 5 a week, but I'm posting a lot more now that new members are joining and actually staying for once!
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