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  • I saw season 20. You can see all my grades in my User Notes. :)

    Finally, a good news for you (but not for me :( ) : Trash of the Titans has been eliminated in my thread.
    I am a arcade fan :D but here this is not possible to play arcade :(
    To play a Game you need to have 250 posts in the forum at least.
    Remember to post your answers to the second challenge of the MURDER game.

    You have only a few more hours left to do so...
    Hope all is well; please vote in the January thread if you haven't already this round.
    I don't think so. During the title and stalking scene "Prelude" from "Psycho" plays, and during the chase scene the main theme from "North by Northwest" plays. They sound similar, though. Look here.
    hey, sorry for the slow response. i kept seeing "1 new notification" in the top right on the main page but i thought it was about some message i hadn't checked as read.

    my profile picture is from the coens' burn after reading. i highly recommend it. a really fun flick.
    I had a better one before. But then Trab said how he hated that scene, and I just had to post this.
    You'll surely enjoy it! It's a harsh -though lovely- movie, and I don't get tired of crying at the story.
    haha no problems.

    i've finished uni now for the year and don't go back until March! So hopefully I can occupy my time with movies and sports like you, especially with the NBA season starting in a week or two
    Obviously, I'll post my opinions on the episodes as soon as I'd seen. ;)

    It could also be it next week because a Belgian channel will broadcast season 20 (also in French version) from next Monday. I don't have this channel, but maybe someone will put the episodes on a internet site in the same style as wtso.net. :)
    Now, I know when season 20 will air in France : from Tuesday, October 20 (Monday to Friday). :)
    Not too bad Badger, just working, studying and trying to fit in a party every now and then. What about you?
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