Wang Computers

Sep 24, 2002 (Age: 20)
New England
Favorite Simpsons Characters
Bart, Martin, Principal Skinner, Flanders
Favorite Simpsons Episodes
Bart Gets an F, Lisa the Vegetarian, Who Shot Mr. Burns (part 1), Bart of Darkness, Grade School Confidential
Favorite Season of The Simpsons
Season 6
Year You Started Watching?
2021 (I’m a new fan)
Favorite TV Show(s)
I just started watching Simpsons this year, you think I watch much TV?
Favorite Movie(s)
Live action: Avengers Infinity War
Animated: Toy Story 3
Favorite Computer / Video Game(s)
Super Mario Galaxy and Pikmin
Favorite Websites
Reddit, YouTube, Famiboards


Best/worst by season (no clip shows):
1. Bart the Genius/There's No Disgrace Like Home 2. Bart Gets an F/Bart's Dog Gets an F 3. Bart the Lover/Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington 4. I Love Lisa/Marge Gets a Job 5. Cape Feare/Secrets of a Successful Marriage 6. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One/Fear of Flying 7. Lisa the Vegetarian/Homerpalooza 8. Grade School Confidential/My Sister, My Sitter 9. Simpson Tide/The Trouble with Trillions 10. Lisa Gets an A/Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble" 11. Behind the Laughter/Kill the Alligator and Run 12. Trilogy of Error/A Tale of Two Springfields 13. Half-Decent Proposal/The Parent Rap 14. I’m Spelling As Fast As I Can/Helter Shelter 15. Simple Simpson/Co-Dependents’ Day
Season ranking: 6 > 7 > 4 > 3 > 5 > 2 > 8 > 9 > 1 > 12 > 14 > 13 > 10 > 15 > 11



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