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  • I'll get my lawyer.

    Ahhh, I like the title "Say My Name" better. This season has been awesome and the seasons usually peak at the end, so I bet the conclusion of this first half will be amazing. I mean we have to be getting closer to Walt at 52 with each epispde.
    Oh yeah, I saw the promos. It looks spectacular. I'm not sure what Walt's "plan" is yet, but my friend guessed he is going to kill those guys and keep the methylamine, and just take the millions that they bring and divide that with Jesse and Mike. Which that sounds pretty likely. It pissed me off that he didn't have the hat in the promos though.
    greetings earthling. we have your president, now fulfill our demands and your leader will be freed
    Exactly what I thought. I'm really glad they show how Walt has just abandoned being in the business for his family, and is only in it for power now. And the scene where he burned the wire was just fucking bad ass. Apparently next week he goes full on Heisenberg. Also, I'm really glad Saul had an appearance this week, because he was absent for a bit.
    Probably four too. My pal who I watch it with, is a big fan of three though, and says one detraction of four is that Walt kind of plays the bitch and isn't powerful. Which I can see, but I didn't mind that as much and the last two or three episodes of season four are pretty flawless television. I dunno where five stands yet. I am fond of season two a lot though.

    Ahh, man, I normally watch the inside Breaking Bads. But I missed that one. I am excited. They have quite a bit to clean up. And they only three more episodes left in this half, so I assume Mike and Walt are gonna really go head to head soon, since I think one preview after Dead Freight had Mike saying he wants out. I am pretty confident that Mike's days are numbred, but I wonder how Walt will/would deal with Mike's guys in prison.
    Yeah, it was spoiled on the internet for me. I had just finished season three when four wrapped up airing and I caught a spoiler online, but yeah those promos piss me off. What's your favorite season?

    And man, that sounds like it'll be intense. I heard the finale is going to be "blood bath", and I am also not sure if that means the end of this eight episode run, or this entire season. But the flash forward where Walt is 52 at the start of the season, brings up so many questions.
    Oh, I am definitely sure they have something big planned. I'm thinking they'll kill off a bigger character, maybe Mike. Or Hank will find out something vital about Walt. And you are lucky though. I had the season four finale spoiled for me. It was disappointing, but Face Off was still cool because I didn't know how exactly he died.
    I know. I hate waiting week-after-week. This is the first season I've actually watched on AMC, instead of plowing through the season like I did the first four, and it is awful, but it gives a highlight for my Sunday.
    Ahhh, I asked about Dish because they pump so many anti-Dish ads and "not available on Dish" things on Breaking Bad promos, it is ridiculous. And at least you get to watch it ASAP and don't have to wait for the DVD release.
    you got some weird friends.

    yep, times they are a becoming quite different.
    whoa, i just looked at your created threads. that "Quotes You Missheard" thread seemed like a good idea.
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