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  • That's cool! That sounds a good idea - I'm sure you need some rest! lol. HEHE, yeah - although right now I'm jealous of the schools because they're on their four week break lol.
    It is very polarizing yes. Many hate it, many think it's perfect. You definitely find out more about Jacob...more than you ever wanted to know lol. It's pretty great.
    Yeah they had a long time plan to end it with S5 but ABC was all NO WE NEED LOST. But I like s6 because it goes deeeep into the backstory of the island which is pretty much what I wanted. A few things happen that piss me off/bum me out...especially people DYING flat out but the ending, while kind of hokey and cheap, was at the same time sweet to me and left me with peace of mind.
    Show just started feeling like they were making up shit to fill in for the questions they had to answer. Plus, in general, the content and what happens had to lead to an end so...good people had to die, stories had to conclude somehow. Mostly it's a matter of people not liking the "answers" to the mysteries when originally the creators claimed a certain "reasoning" to everything that just went out the window by the end. I didn't dislike it, but I definitely think it was wise to end the show then. Technically it should've ended in s5 but ABC wanted money and forced more eps to be made and the story to be stretched out *shrug*
    you may have to sign for it when it arrives though, it's a big package.

    wait- what am I doing this for again?
    ok, I'm tired of sawing off limbs with my hacksaw, so I'm just going to list my demands:

    world rule over your pathetic little human race
    3 grapefruit
    a hair comb
    your hydron collider
    ok thats it- no more kidding around

    LMAO, sorry for disappearing for so long. I've been ok thanks. Been busy lol. How about you? You'll be starting College soon, right?
    Seinfeld said so himself 'Nah, it's over'. I can admire that. He could have milked it but decided to end it on an 'high' (it was still OK before it started to go downhill)

    I wish the Simpsons would have said that after the 10th season. It was starting to go downhill but not too shitty. But oh well...

    Anyways I'm off to bed. See ya later Joe!
    oh, I didn't see that coming.

    OH NOW I GET IT- REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. Ok. fine. i'll keep him, and maybe I'll start mailing body parts.
    Yeah but I'm hoping Parker and Stone end the show when they feel like they can't come up with anything anymore. I thought season 15 was going to be the last season, but I was proved wrong after a 5 year-contract was announced. Looks like season 20 will be the end as they usually don't sign such a long-term deal!

    Seinfeld ended right on time. It started to go downhill but it stopped the fall and ended. I saw the Letterman Seinfeld special clip though and it was actually decent. In a way, Seinfeld could actually come back, but since the culture is terrible for jokes, it would suck IMO.
    To be honest I'm convinced they'll stop at 25. It's the perfect number really. Is there a show out there that could survive so long in the modern world? 1/4 of a decade would be a good time to end the series (even though it should have ended 13 years ago at least)

    Maybe South Park can give them a run for their money but I hope they don't.
    I see the show ending after 25 seasons. 1/4 of a decade is an achievement even though most of the episodes are garbage (how sad is that? That most episodes of the Simpsons are awful?)
    Yeah I don't care that much either. Season 23 was so bad that it made me stop watching the show! Well, the new episodes at least!
    Oh? I only watched The Book Job, The Daughter Also Rises, Holidays of Futures Passed, At Long Last Leave..., Exit Through, HIWYM, Them Robot, The Spy and Lisa Goes Gaga.

    Outside of the run, I caught up with Beware my Cheating Bart and The Ten-Per-Cent Solution.
    Hahah, that is true. There's also the theory that Jesse will have to face Walt. Because of the Jesse James references this season and how Walt might see a similar fate. But either way, I kind of see Walt losing. Cause this season he is such an awful and unlikable character, he made quite the jump in four to five after he killed Gus and got cocky. Though the viewer is still tricked into pulling for Walt, like when he was tied up to the radiator. It's hard to guess what will happen.
    I hope both. Cause I have a feeling Hank might find the bugs, and I have a feeling Mike is going to be killed, because if Walt's plan works, he'll still want out. I just see a lot of shit falling apart. Maybe Skyler finally loses it and tells Marie. I'm not sure. There are so many possibilities. I hope by the end of this half his family knows he is a drug lord because it'd be cool to have a whole (half) season where Hank, Marie, Walt Jr, and such know. I want to see their reactions, because Walt's lies have got to break soon.
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