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  • Also guess it's my birthday but I don't want any happy birthday messages. It's already a rough one for many reasons
    Probably. I just tend to have a lot of issues with anxiety esp with making threads. Maybe if it's actually that good I could...
    Financial Panther
    Financial Panther
    I read it all and thought it was interesting. No reason to feel anxiety about making threads; it’s a perfectly cromulent idea and could get some good discussion.
    Mayhaps. I just remember there were some very big splits on The Problem With Apu. I could like, make it a general thread for stuff like this, I wanted to also dig into characterization in the early seasons and how they really did well. Just dunno if I really have anyone's goodwill for something like that. :V
    Maybe I misunderstood something, but if you got over some grief, I can only commiserate you :( ...But the life is still going, so, believe, you'll feel positive emotions again :)
    Please don't send friend requests. Unless I knew you from somewhere else first there's a good chance I'm not interested and I don't trust you at all.
    I've wanted to say this for some time, so here goes.
    Your top visitor message doesn't sit right with me. Assuming that people just pretended to be nice is just accusing people of something you can't prove, and is hurtful towards those who genuinely wanted to be nice. And if someone didn't notice the art thread is gone, isn't that just because you haven't updated it? I'm sure if you wrote another post in it saying you're done with art, more people would care than you think. I know you're feeling depressed so you let all these bad thoughts penetrate your brain, but I think you need to go easier both on yourself and people who are trying to give you appreciation for your work.
    Think I'm basically done with everyone. Especially the folks that pretended to have anything good to say about me or those that pretended they liked what I did but either didn't notice or didn't care now the art thread's gone.
    Oh, I have seen so many of them and I really like them!
    I don't lie, when I say you have talent, because I would make a fool of myself!
    Guess lock'll do. I wanted it gone entirely with all the fake praise but w/e good riddance to bad garbage.
    I may not really like Sherri and Terri, but you drew them so beautifully that I can't resist! You are very talented!
    I am looking for shinys, thanks for checking. Do you know anyone else who plays/ hunts shinys?
    So, (re:loyalty thread) basically, it’s not that you don’t respect the show up to Orange Is the New Yellow and episodes like Halloween of Horror as well-written (albeit a lot less), just that you can’t stomach going back to watch them since they’d just remind of, well-you-know. At least not unless it, or something similar, is not their last spoken lines anymore.
    You need to stop putting yourself down, May. You’re a really good artist; you don’t “suck.”
    That Koopa guy was he was not fond of the BORT pairing. What is this supposed to be?
    You said you hated the fourth Futurama movie because all the male characters are sexist jerks for no reason. This makes me wonder, what do you think of Amazon Women in the Mood (where Fry is suddenly a misogynistic jerk)? Is it like Future-Drama where you hate it but everyone else loves it (it tends to make Top Ten lists) or like Barthood where you still enjoy it despite the glaring flaw? (How fitting that I compare an episode of Futurama to two future episodes of The Simpsons.)
    I would like to wager a bet with you. If the twins have at least one line in Season 27, you have to buy me something I say. Otherwise, I have to buy you something you would like. Accept?
    Can you draw male versions of Sherri & Terri? Perhaps they could be Tarrance and Clarence.
    To be honest, I feel the same way about Homer Badman you do about Future-Drama. Except I don't really consider Homer Badman bad, just weaker than I would have liked.
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