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  • let's see, I have 245 days pre-peysteleno, not counting the public ones from June 2015

    guess this is a Joint Partnership
    mate TJ made that whole Application so you could connect with him while he's off on his thrilling adventures while yer sitting on yer ass with yer Giant Computer Monitor so...................shaddup
    gonna throwback to a Good Time

    mutilatedlips was banned by hahahaha (thehandsomedevil)
    hahahaha (thehandsomedevil) banned mutilatedlips
    hi all the other users reading this I'd just like to remind you that Lucille Bogan exists k thanks
    OOF bomberchat

    the chat that went along with bingcast #1 is also lost to clicking the big X button by accident FML

    you saved

    [9:05 PM] tom: i've heard lots of people aged 60+ just blurt out "hey a sand ******"

    what else do we need
    well you have Many Hard Drives so don't be surprised when you lose a few logs in moving em around :^
    [10:56 PM] jay: pey did you know i have one (1) chat that you never entered !!!
    [10:57 PM] pkkao: what chat have I NOT entered since june 2015
    [10:57 PM] jay: 8/26/2015
    [10:57 PM] jay: have a whoppin 351 lines from that chat
    [10:57 PM] jay: cuz my computer shut off halfway thru
    [10:57 PM] pkkao: I was in 8/26 chat
    [10:58 PM] pkkao: decided it was NOT worth savin
    [10:58 PM] jay: [9:05 PM] tom: i've heard lots of people aged 60+ just blurt out "hey a sand ******"
    [10:58 PM] tom: good
    [10:58 PM] jay: uh tbh do not see you here
    [10:58 PM] pkkao: cause it was like 100 lines
    [10:58 PM] pkkao: was it not!!
    [10:58 PM] jay: noodle, los, paddlin, smilin, shaun, torm and me
    [10:58 PM] pkkao: hmm
    [10:58 PM] pkkao: how late or early was it
    [10:58 PM] jay: it was like all evenin but it was so slo
    [10:59 PM] jay: i joined at 8:34 pm and left at 11
    [10:59 PM] jay: and MUSTARD up a measly 351 lines
    [10:59 PM] jay: line 15 includin entrances was noodle sayin rip chat
    [6:01 PM] mutilatedlips: NO JOKE BANS i mean this
    [6:01 PM] mutilatedlips: only rule i really got
    man I'm just getting Really Nostalgic for the good days when kaos didn't have room owner powers and us chatloggers could Log Freely
    peysteleno updated

    as you can see, 6-14-2016 is just.................A Lot shorter than the others
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