Two Guys a Girl and a kat

selling a box of seashells and calling it the beach
Sep 21, 2000 (Age: 23)
hamilton, on
Real Name
a fleshly limbless rectangle
fun fact about me im Unemployable
Favorite Simpsons Characters
MacArthur Parker
Favorite Simpsons Episodes
A Fish Called Selma
Favorite Season of The Simpsons
Simpsons Merchandise You Own
Year You Started Watching?
Favorite TV Show(s)
tv shows were a mistake akin to the atom bomb of culture.
Favorite Movie(s)
synecdoche new york, the seventh continent, the silence, daynightdaynight, the fly, perfect blue, paris texas, the shining, the neon demon, rocky horror, girl interrupted, eyes without a face, stranger than fiction, chicago, badlands, sleepaway camp ii, intruder
Favorite Musical Artist / Band(s)
blondie, computer magic, oneohtrix point never, roy orbison, they might be giants, film soundtracks
Favorite Computer / Video Game(s)
Favorite Book(s)
im illiterate. thats a joke. im not actually illiterate. but i still dont read books.
Favorite Sports Team(s)
i just want everybody to play nice and have fun :))
Favorite Websites
im not sure if i actually like the internet or if i just need something to occupy my brain and am used to the internet.


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