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  • Uhhh sorry man but you were mentioning me at like 10pm my time so I wanted to see what it was to make sure nothing was WRONG anywhere. I have my kid WITH ME at work today so I was trying to prepare last night and I was just gonna respond to you in the morning when I got to work but...I guess nevermind if I'm on a time limit for responses?
    Damn... just wanted to know how you were.
    Part of the reason I left this hellscape.
    hey hi hello how's you doin? been awhile, and i suspect you'll disappear again before you read this but i thought id say hello
    Hey, man. Never saw you around before, though you seem like you know what you're doing. :) Good to have you on the board (again, I guess.)
    Seen you around but never saw you post again until today. Take a long break?
    No problem man. Yeah, honestly I never got along with him that well in the first place but he certainly did go off the deep end after a while.

    Good chatting to you! :)
    Nice. Not sure how much you like video games but we also have a Video Game Music variant of that each Summer/Winter now too.

    Johnny uh... well, that's kind of a long story but basically he became a massive dick, would on and off leave the board in a big huff as if he was LEAVING FOREVER I'M TOTALLY FOR REAL YOU GUYS and then eventually come back. Wash, rinse, repeat. Eventually he tried to start a thread with the intent of going out with a bang so to speak and well... I'll let you see for yourself.
    Holy shit, you're back! It's been forever since I've seen you on here.

    Thanks man :) You planning on sticking around?
    ...obviously, YES!
    Good, we'll do it on the 6th of June then. I wouldn't have been able to edit the podcast until Saturday or Sunday anyway. Though unfortunately as I said I won't be able to take part in the episode, but I'm sure you'll still have fun talking to Pops and Shaun.
    I suppose. I have no idea if it will indeed be recorded today however, and I don't know what time it'll be recorded either.
    I'm not sure to be honest. I thought more people would be up for it, but it seems that only me, you, Pops, Food Blog and Sandford actually care for it.
    Oh, you mean the one with the thread? That's not a Simpsons podcast; that's just a general podcast where they blab about the UK.
    Wait, you had even more disagreements with Ryan but they were deleted? I hate deleted posts so much. I can't even describe how much I hate them...
    Thank you very much :)
    We just got discharged from the hospital today so I updated the thread w some pics
    haha, yeah i've got a couple crates of records, tons of 7"s too. it's all punk, powerpop and funk.

    i'll check out the thread.
    you must be slipping in your old age. no matter, better late than never!
    it was the combination of both honestly. both great tunes, and i always admire those willing to listen to anything so long as it's good.
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