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  • a bit late it would seem, but congrats on being modded! green looks good on you
    Eh, it was more of a reaction towards Egg, coming out of nowhere taking the opportunity to whine regardless of the discussion, which was pre funny
    I'm in need of new work clothes myself, especially pants. And I could use some personal hygiene stuff.
    I haven't been entirely honest about my current living situation right now, so I know how hard it is to save money; especially when you have to pay your roommate/friend weekly.
    in the past I used to glamorize pot and a lot of my posts probably came off as me being lazier than I had intended. I genuinely am sick and tired of being poor, looking for work, and I really do want to start saving up money and whatnot; I've been working for a little over 2 months and am still living week-to-week(thank god I don't get paid biweekly!). it's one of those instances where I bring up something some other people did, in this case not showing up for work, and other people bring up "Well you did that a lot in the past too!" trying to remind me of how I used to be. I know it's easy to say "I've changed," and from the looks of it most people who say that on here haven't really, but I have.
    I know we haven't really interacted much, but thank you for your "grown and matured" post in the lounge. My original post may have been misinterpreted. Glad to see other people got what I was going for
    hey man, with my post in the lounge i just meant that like wasting your time at a place where you aren't happy isn't worth it
    i can guarantee that los has a lot going for him, and therefore shouldn't waste his talents at a place that seems so shady

    (i accidentally sent this to telso : ( )
    Hey, sorry I totally passed out last night when we were chatting. Don't know if you got my message this morning but my head was killing me and I was trying to ease the pain which led to me dosing off.
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