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    Do the Simpsons have consistent Friend Groups (mainly Marge & Lisa). Also, who should be in the consistent friend groups of Homer, Bart, Marge & Lisa

    I think Lewis Clark has had more presence in recent seasons as a frequent Bart's friend. I would like to see the same with Richard. In Lisa's case, it would be fine with Janey (best friend), Allison (friendly rival), Sherri and Terri (the not-so-friends) and Alex (the fashion girl). I would...
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    If Cooder and Spud had stayed in the Simpsons house?

    There are two options: The people of Springfield wouldn't allow Cooder and Spud to take the Simpsons house and they would chase them away to give the house back to the Simpsons (Hard to imagine nowadays, but yes, the people of Springfield has been nice to the Simpsons a few times). If the...
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    Would a permanent ban on Homer/Marge marriage crisis episodes help improve the show?

    It would be appreciated, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the quality of the episodes will improve.
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    Name of the blonde girl with pigtails?

    What's the name of this recurrent background girl from Bart's class? According to Virtual Bart and the Wiki, her name is Nina Skalka, but i read in some pages that Mrs. Krabappel mentioned her name and it was Melissa.
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    We NEED a Hans Moleman episode. NOW.

    Maybe some episode where Homer must protect Hans Moleman from anything that may happen to him could work
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    Marvel-Themed The Simpsons Short Coming to Disney+

    I'm suprised with Ralph being Hulk instead of Homer. Anyway, I don't think this is going to be good.
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    Rate & Review: "Catch 'Em if You Can" (FABF14)

    I don't think this was a bad episode, but it felt so abstract that I couldn't fully enjoy it. Some details such as, for example, the absence of Maggie during the entire episode, the idea of Homer and Marge having no problem in abandoning their children in another state far from home, and same...
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    What if Laura Powers discovers that Jimbo Jones now loves Shauna Chalmers?

    I don't see Laura being jealous of Jimbo. Considering how everyone is in the show, I don't think she had problems finding another bad guy. And she was never Bart's girlfriend, it was just a one-sided crush from Bart. The closest thing to a romantic interaction from Laura was to tell him that she...
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    Little things that bother you

    It bothers me when the kids are put in wrong grades, like Janey being in Bart's class instead of Lisa's.
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    Could Moe Goes From Rags To Riches be good if it were written in the classic era?

    No way. The writers would have to rewrite the entire episode to made it work, maybe as a haunted rag for a Treehouse of Horror segment. If the idea is just having an antology episode, just put the Simpsons into a museum or something.
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    Preview / speculation about the upcoming episodes of The Simpsons.

    That boy gives me creepy vibes from the past.
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    Most disturbing strangling scene?

    I'll pick The Kid is all Right, when Homer strangles Bart and he faints, while Homer stills strangling him.
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    Which "classic" episodes are dated?

    Maybe The Springfield files? Homer's was born in May 12, 1956. (The thing about Homer's and Santa's little helper's birthdays in the same day kinda confuses me, considering the dog was adopted and there's no way they could know when his birthday is)
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    Worst One-Time Characters

    Yes. Even with her little cameos, she had a main role in just one episode and was voiced by a guest star. She didn't. She had a bit of relevance in Marge Gamer during Lisa's soccer game, but she didn't speak.