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  • I started reading Jorge Joestar between watching Part 3 (only two chapters in) and so far it’s not that bad. Kinda interesting actually, I’m really curious about where these two universes are going and how they’ll converge. Seeing Yoshikage Kira’s name at the end of chapter 2 got me HYPED tho, the GOAT of Jojo villains has arrived
    Six chapters now. Chapter 5 was really good, being just a really tense flashback of Erina’s time with Dio in the coffin. Besides the Jonathan’s head being alive bit, this scene is so good I kinda wanna consider it canon. Chapter 6 was…where the mess comes in. I started reading this because everyone said it was batshit and I didn’t really get that until this chapter. Morioh’s an island now? Funny Valentine is here? His grandson who is also the president is named “The Funniest Valentine” (I can’t type this without cackling like a dumbass)? Everyone is going crazy because of a mothman who I can only assume is Kars? And they’re gonna meet the gang from Part 5 in chapter 8? What the fuck is happening??

    It’s at the very least unpredictable. I have no fucking idea what the story is now and who the main villain is. I mean we’ve got Dio in the 1904 timeline still underwater, Kira hiding in Morioh in 2012, Valentine threatening 2012 Morioh, Kars being alluded to in both timelines with these mothman drawings (they say it’s some muscular guy with black wings so my mind immediately went to Ultimate Lifeform Kars), and now Passione is being introduced in 2012 so I guess Diavolo is in on the fun. Oh and I guess Pucci and Diego will find their way here because we need to complete the Jojo Villain Squad sans Toru. I’m just lost on who the biggest threat is here. I thought it would be Dio for 1904 and Kira for 2012 with some timeline convergence in between but idk now. The main villain is kinda a weird thing to harp on, but I think knowing who it is would help to ground me. With so many possible villains, and just so many characters in general, I’m lost on where the fuck we could possibly be going

    So yeah so far this book is a 12/10, I can’t wait for when Killer Queen fights King Crimson for control of the space-time continuum
    Oh hey, reading Jorge Joestar! If you want, I'll DM the authors other major translated novels - they're even more insane.
    @MisogiKurakawa Ooh yeah, send me those, I’d be interested in seeing more from this author

    Also damn I gotta read more of this book before I go back to school lol. I’ll try and read more at some point soon and give my thoughts
    I think Battle Tendency speaks to what I like the most about Jojo's: being able to watch Araki's art and writing improve over time. Emphasis on writing here: this part is such an improvement over Phantom Blood. I'd say both of its biggest problems are effectively addressed with this second part. Hamon is handled a lot better, not only having a lot more time to show us what it can do, but allowing us to see Joseph grow in his use of the power. Well, somewhat, I kinda wish there were some extra episodes showing his training and friendship with Caesar. However, whereas Phantom Blood kinda rewarded Jonathan with Hamon with no need for him to work for it, Battle Tendency devotes a lot of time to show us how Joseph works for his Hamon skills, ultimately making us connect more with the story. Plus, I really like how they play around with Hamon in this part. It really feels like we got to see every creative application of the power, making this seemingly straightforward breathing technique very dynamic and fun to keep up with. This also means that Hamon absolutely had to be abandoned in the next part. Yeah, bring on stands, we're out of ideas for Hamon!
    Character writing is another area where this part succeeds where Phantom Blood fails. Really, there isn't any blatant example of a character that didn't need to be there, so it's really just down to who I like and who I hate. There's really only one character I can't stand in this part, and it's Stroheim (which I hope is self-explanatory). Besides him, the Battle Tendency protagonist cast is pretty damn great. Caesar suffers from a similar problem to his grandfather, being introduced much later into the story and thus not having a lot of time to work with. However, we still get a good look at him during his time in Joseph's life, and he's a very strong character with a lot of depth to him. Lisa Lisa is pretty great too, really getting a chance to shine in the last third of the part. However, there's only one GOAT; the competition for best character isn't close. Joseph Joestar is a fucking fantastic character from start to end. Contrasting with Jonathan's polite reverence for his opponents, Joseph's a cocky asshole who likes to fuck with people mentally. It not only works to contrast him with Jonathan, but to make every fight with him so much more enjoyable than fights with Jonathan. The most compelling thing about Joseph is his consideration for others. He only really cares about Speedwagon and Erina at the beginning, but throughout this part, we get to see him learn to fight for others, especially in the wake of Caesar's death. It all serves to strengthen Joseph as a character even more, which enhances this part as a whole. You can't have Battle Tendency without Joseph, otherwise it loses all its flavor and turns bland
    That brings me to this part's biggest problem. I've been sprinkling in smaller issues I've had, but this is the big one: Kars. There's been a lot of villains in Jojo's, and I doubt any of them will be as weak as Kars was. He doesn't have the strong personality of someone like Dio, nor does he have the complexities of someone like Yoshikage Kira. He's just this boring fuck who wants to take over the world, until he's so OP that Araki has no choice but to shoot him into space. Maybe I would've cared more about him if he was made more into his own individual. Upon emerging from the pillar, he and Esidisi are just written as being Wamuu's superiors. Esidisi is made more distinct in his fight against Joseph, but they pretty much stay written like that until Kars is the only one left. I'm fine with Kars not getting that much development if he wasn't the ultimate big bad by the end. From the very start, the conflict is driven by Wamuu. He's the first to emerge, he's the one Caesar and Joseph initially challenge, he's the first to give Joseph a poison ring, he's the one to kill Caesar, and most importantly, he's the one with the strongest personality and motivation out of the three. With a few tweaks (mostly getting rid of the Ultimate Lifeform plotpoint, it's too hard to really write around), Wamuu could've made for a great main antagonist. Kars taking that spot feels like it only happens out of a desperate need for an antagonist after Wamuu dies
    Really, I could talk longer about my issues with Kars as a character and the Ultimate Lifeform shenanigans in general, but I'll get too negative. At the end of the day, Battle Tendency is very strong, standing in stark contrast with Phantom Blood. 7.5/10, time to get some stand power

    Oh boy, Stardust Crusaders. I'm not a huge fan of Part 3, but who knows how my opinion could change. I'm hoping I could come out a bit more positive. Besides, at least we get Jotaro, he's cool as fuck. Speaking of which, I'll be pulling from the 2012 Jojo Art Exhibition for my pfp again with this artwork of Jotaro and Iggy. Yes, Iggy will be in the pfp too

    Phantom Blood is, well, Phantom Blood. That’s all I really need to say
    I think it’s at its best when the focus is put on Jonathan and Dio. Their conflict and how it was slowly ramped up throughout those first three episodes was pretty great. I like the more human side to their rivalry, and I like how we gradually added this supernatural element with the Stone Mask. All of it feels well developed and natural, with the Stone Mask being built up to subtly throughout the first part. Both Jonathan and Dio are immediately established with these strong personalities, especially Dio who is definitely Part 1’s best character. Their characterization remains the most consistently strong thing throughout the narrative, actually. Ignoring the middle chunk of this part, the final episode is also pretty great at getting at their core conflict. The decision to actually kill off Jonathan is admirable for how ballsy it was back in the 80s. All this is to say, when it’s about the yin and yang between Jonathan and Dio (his Hamon vs his vampire powers), it’s a good core to this story
    The problem with Phantom Blood is that it adds way too much shit. Let’s start with Hamon, which should’ve been introduced way earlier. By introducing it so late into the story, same with introducing Zeppeli so late, the impact of it is stunted. This is gonna be the main power source for the next chunk of the series, but it feels like “okay, I guess you can breathe funny and get sun powers now”. While the science of it it’s very well explained to the point where I’m kinda on the Hamon defense squad, the flurry of new special attack names is overwhelming and left me confused a lot of the time. Plus, it feels like Jonathan masters the art too quickly, he never really struggles in that regard and ends up powering through every non-Dio enemy with no difficulty by the end. Dio has the same problem with his random new vampire abilities every episode
    Speaking of which, we really needed to cut down on characters in the middle chunk. At the end of the day, we only really needed Jonathan, Dio, Erina, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli. With only 9 episodes (and 44 chapters), that core cast sounds pretty reasonable. It can be even stronger if Zeppeli is introduced earlier, thus making his death more impactful. However, even with that, the middle chunk adds like a billion characters that ultimately gives them nothing to work with: Poco, Poco’s sister, Tonpetty, Straizo, Dire, Bruford, Tarkus, these other fucking weird zombie variants. There’s too many characters with no personality or memorable traits hanging around that are leeching precious time away from our core cast. Because of that, they don’t have enough time to develop, leading to a weak death scene for Zeppeli and a final battle between Jonathan and Dio not nearly as strong as their initial skirmishes in the first three episodes
    So yeah, Part 1 isn’t great. However, I think Hamon is a style of combat with a lot of potential, and Jonathan and Dio were a great core conflict for this story. It’s sloppy with concepts it introduces and the sheer amount of irrelevant characters it stacks on, but there’s something worthwhile here. Overall, 5/10

    Okay, Battle Tendency time! I’m gonna pull from the 2012 Jojo Art Exhibition again with this drawing of Joseph, Caesar, and Lisa Lisa (ignore her having the Joestar birthmark, idk why she has that)

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    Nice review! I still feel hollow whenever I rewatch Johnathan's death scene.
    I find Part 1 to be quite mid, I skipped it on my rewatch and idc if the Jojo fandom considers that taboo I’m doing it anyway lol. Also yeah, a lot of the random antagonists/civilians are so so bland. When you listed off side character names I couldn’t think of their design or role in the story no matter how hard I tried, they completely blipped out of my memory.
    @Sgt_Snuff Nah, that’s fair to skip it, dw. The only one of the characters I listed who ended up amounting to anything for the overall story was Straizo, but that’s only because he happened to be alive by Part 2 and benefited from overall better writing. Everyone else had no reason to be there tbh
    Decided I’m gonna rewatch (and reread) Jojo’s now that winter break is coming up in a few days, and review every part at the end. Plus, with each part I’m watching/reading through, I’ll change my pfp to that part’s Jojo. I’m gonna specifically use Araki’s more recent depictions of the characters for no other reason other than I like his modern style and think it’s cool

    Starting with Phantom Blood! This drawing is from a 2012 Jojo art exhibition

    I may very well be the only Nichijou enjoyer on this entire website but if I have to advertise it, I will, it’s peak
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    Glad you like it too! I didn’t think I’d like it much when I first put it on, but I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. Its humor is surprisingly ahead of its time
    I do love Nichijou too, my favorite scene might have to be the Deer vs. Principal scene.
    Ooh, good pick! I love the elevator scene myself. The droning music and awkward pauses between lines has me rolling every time I watch it
    Okay I just came out of the FNAF movie

    It was a really messy script, a lot of characters just didn’t need to be there. Essential plot information is just kinda haphazardly thrown at us, and that haphazard nature made it so we barely got to see any action from William Afton. Granted, he was great when he was around, Matthew Lillard doesn’t miss and the lines he was given weren’t bad too. In fact, every actor here did pretty good job. On a technical level this movie is for the most part impressive. The animatronics are of course the best part, and the cinematography is actually really great. The editing choices made throughout were a little jarring, it was a weirdly put together film. A lot of very confusing cuts all over the place. It makes for a movie that works in brief parts but is a mess in almost every category. As a movie, I’d give it a 4.5/10

    Now as an experience, that shit was a 10/10 no doubt. With fun cameos and scenes, and an awesome audience to cheer it on, I just had the goofiest smile on my face the entire time. It’s not good, but holy shit is it fun
    Hey, just recently saw it myself and, yeah, it can be messy. Admittedly at first I was also impatient like...
    Also not sure why the cupcake got so much to do, moreso than Freddy even. Buuuut I still had a good time. Weirdly outside of the Fazbear gang going to town on the goons, I think I actually liked it best when they were just hanging around with Mike, Vanessa and Abby. It was just an interesting alternate look at them since, while we're told in 2 that the toy line were still friendly to kids, we never get to see them actually interact. Plus it's just inherently funny to see some of the most infamous horror icons in recent memory banding together to make a table-fort of all things and yet entirely in character.
    Also apparently behind the scenes Abby's actress would actually give them hugs and that's just sweet.
    I loved the table fort scene too. After coming out of the movie, it was hilarious to see people say that it was out of character when they're children's souls, of course they'd wanna build a silly little fort. Plus, I was fine with the main animatronics being chill in certain parts of the movie, since I went in expecting Afton to be the big bad no matter what. Also, I didn't know that about Abby's actress, that's awesome
    Yeah, I mean it was different to usual but the situation was too. It wasn't just one guy on his own that they mistook for their killer like the games imply.

    Also felt movie-Afton felt a lot less messy than games-Afton. The latter worked well as an enigmatic killer that we never really looked into much and then became a shambling zombie driven only to kill. It felt really wonky when the games also pulled "he's 100% aware and also a mad scientist who builds super state-of-the-art robots for no other reason than killing more children because ???". I think the "(x) is crazy/evil" only really works when their methods are simplistic. And... it feels like movie-Afton more or less stumbled into having the animatronics come to life and thinking he's a friend to them and just capitalized on that by using them to continue his body-count by sending more shmoes nobody would look into to their doom. Granted, that's stuff you have to infer but... I do like they actually leave some room for that.
    So, uh, about the motivation. I am still kinda struggling with finding the motivation to watch multiple episodes in one sitting, which is partially because I don't have as much time anymore with a new job, but also that fatigue is still setting in. I think I came up with a solution, though: I'm gonna forgo the batch format entirely and watch these episodes in the order I have designated at my own pace. I'll still write reviews about episodes I have a lot to say about, and I'll rank seasons when I'm finished with each one, but I won't be ranking batches. I'll hope to finish the series before the new season begins, but I'm generally gonna slow down my pace. I hope y'all can understand
    I'm back on the binge! I think I have good motivation now, and while I might take another break in the future, I think I'll be good for the next few batches. Speaking of which, I decided to just go ahead and move the stuff that I didn't finish two weeks ago into batch 12, so I technically already finished batch 11. So, here's the ranking of everything I saw from that:

    1. Bart Gets an "F" (9.5/10)
    2. Homer's Adventure Through the Windshield Glass (9/10)
    3. Poorhouse Rock (8.5/10)
    4. Lisa's Belly (8.5/10)
    5. King of the Hill (7.5/10)

    1. Treehouse of Horror XXXII (4/10) [Bong Joon Ho's This Side of Parasite (2.5/10) | Nightmare on Elm Tree (2/10) | Dead Ringer (8/10)]
    2. Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me (5/10)
    3. Large Marge (6/10)
    4. Yokel Chords (6/10)
    5. The Star of the Backstage (6/10)
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    What about the other two short segments from XXXII?
    They are often considered just as opening and time filler respectively. Poster focuses on these 3 "full" segments. "5 segments" were reffered only by Al Jean in promotion.

    I remember, once ago Matt Selman told "there were 3 segments" in TH32. It can be confirmed if for TH34 they're preparing the real 100th segment.

    So, as who how things.
    So tired of Selman always rewriting history 🤦‍♂️ I'm gonna count it as having 5 segments whether he likes it or not. After all, Jean was the one who showran the episode.
    I've been going very slow with batch 11, and honestly, I think it's because I'm starting to feel that fatigue. It isn't affecting my ratings, I think I've been rating everything fairly enough, but it's affecting my motivation. I can't watch as many episodes in one sitting like I could a month ago. So, I think I'm gonna take a week long break from this binge to refresh myself. I'll finish batch 11 next week, where I'll hopefully have more motivation than ever to get everything done
    Okay, I'm very late, but I'm done with batch 10! I was as late as I was due to finals and a trip I took, but now, I have enough free time to be able to watch 30 episodes a week. That will be the main number of episodes in a batch for a long while now, and I'll be excited to check out that many. As for batch 10, that was a really great batch! So many classics here, although there were some pretty bad ones. Anyways, here's my top and bottom 5:

    1. You Only Move Twice (9.5/10)
    2. $pringfield (9.5/10)
    3. Homie the Clown (9/10)
    4. My Mother the Carjacker (8.5/10)
    5. Mountain of Madness (8.5/10)

    1. Bart-Mangled Banner (1.5/10)
    2. Beware My Cheating Bart (2.5/10)
    3. Another Simpsons Clip Show (3/10)
    4. Pretty Whittle Liar (3/10)
    5. Clown v. Board of Education (3.5/10)
    Okay, it took me forever, but I'm finally done with batch 9! This whole batch started pretty bad, I had to deal with all the really terrible stuff at the very beginning. However, I'm delighted to say that the last half was really great, there were some fantastic episodes here. Anyways, here's my top and bottom 5:

    1. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) (9.5/10)
    2. Brick Like Me (9/10)
    3. Woo-hoo Dunnit? (9/10)
    4. The Very Hungry Caterpillars (8.5/10)
    5. Half-Decent Proposal (8.5/10)

    1. The Caper Chase (2/10)
    2. Co-Dependents' Day (2.5/10)
    3. Hail to the Teeth (3.5/10)
    4. Friends and Family (3.5/10)
    5. Trust But Clarify (5/10)
    Update if anyone is interested, I decided to extend the timeframe of batch 9, and include The Very Hungry Caterpillars. I'll hope to have the entire batch done in time for the new episode!
    In case anyone is paying attention to my binge, I just wanna let y’all know that I am gonna be VERY late to finishing Batch 9. I have a research paper to do all of today/tomorrow, so idk when I’ll have time to watch this last ten. I’ll try and find the time, and I should hopefully have it done by Saturday
    Batch 8 is done! I kinda got the best of both worlds with this batch. I watched some of the best episodes in the series, a few of which might stay in my top 10 list once this binge is all said and done. And right alongside it, I watched some really bad stuff. There were even a few mid episodes sprinkled in, so this was probably the most exciting batch for me to watch. Anyways, here's my top and bottom 5

    1. Rosebud (9.5/10)
    2. Pixelated and Afraid (9/10)
    3. Homer Badman (9/10)
    4. Mother Simpson (8.5/10)
    5. 22 Short Films About Springfield (8.5/10)

    1. Every Man's Dream (0/10)
    2. Love is a Many-Splintered Thing (1/10)
    3. Simpson Safari (1.5/10)
    5. Frink Gets Testy (3/10)
    4. Moonshine River (3.5/10)

    For these next few weeks, I'm gonna be increasing the amount of episodes in my batches since school is almost up for me. So my signature is gonna be a bit larger for a while
    Done with batch 7! This was kinda similar to batch 2 where I was kinda uncomfortable with the amount of times I gave the same rating to, only this time it was 7 and 7.5 instead of 6 and 6.5. I'm happy there was a lot of good stuff with this batch (and I'll probably be wishing for this high amount of good stuff once I get to my next batch), and there was indeed some impressive and not so impressive stuff to balance out the 7s and 7.5s. That said, here's my top and bottom 5:

    1. Barthood (9.5/10)
    2. Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song (9/10)
    3. The Day the Violence Died (8.5/10)
    4. Round Springfield (8.5/10)
    5. A Streetcar Named Marge (8/10)

    1. Treehouse of Horror XXII (2.5/10) [The Diving Bell and the Butterball (1.5/10) | Dial "D" for Diddily (4/10) | In the Na'vi (2.5/10)]
    2. On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister (2.5/10)
    3. The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson (3.5/10)
    4. Homerland (3.5/10)
    5. Bart Carny (5.5/10)
    I discovered Smiling Friends yesterday.

    It’s great.
    I'm late again, but I'm finished with batch 6! This batch definitely started with a bang, with me giving really high and really low ratings to a lot of these episodes. However, the latter half had more mid stuff then I would've wanted to see. Still, this was a pretty fun one, and here's by top and bottom five:

    1. A Serious Flanders Part 1 (9.5/10)
    2. 24 Minutes (9/10)
    3. A Serious Flanders Part 2 (9/10)
    4. Treehouse of Horror VII (8/10) [The Thing and I (9/10) | The Genesis Tub (7/10) | Citizen Kang (8.5/10)]
    5. Opposites A-Frack (7.5/10)

    1. Days of Future Future (2/10)
    2. The 7 Beer Itch (2.5/10)
    3. Dangerous Curves (3.5/10)
    4. The Yellow Badge of Cowardge (4/10)
    5. Burger Kings (4/10)
    Batch 5 is done! I did a lot of switching around this week, moving some episodes to other batches. The Ziff Who Came to Dinner was moved back so I can watch it with the rest of the Ziff episodes (all three of them), and I moved Burger Kings to the next batch so I can watch Lisa Goes Gaga and compare it to The Musk Who Fell to Earth. This resulted in an extremely hit or miss batch, where the hits made me smile and the misses made me lose faith in humanity. This was the first time I have given an episode a 1, which is the lowest possible score in my rating system. Anyways, here's the best hits and misses in my top and bottom five

    1. The Book Job (9/10)
    2. Holidays of Future Passed (8.5/10)
    3. Treehouse of Horror IX (8/10) [Hell Toupee (8.5/10) | The Terror of Tiny Toon (8/10) | Starship Poopers (7.5/10)]
    4. 500 Keys (8/10)
    5. Lisa Gets an "A" (8/10)

    1. The Musk Who Fell to Earth (1/10)
    2. Lisa Goes Gaga (1.5/10)
    3. The Scorpion's Tale (2.5/10)
    4. Yokel Hero (3/10)
    5. Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder (3.5/10)
    Done with batch 4, and all it took was for me to almost be late to class (actually writing this up in the middle of class). That was a pretty good batch overall, though it was very hit and miss. I would often get into lulls of bad episodes right between some really good ones. There was a lot of pretty mediocre stuff in this batch too, but we're gonna ignore them in favor of listing the top five best and worst!

    1. The Way of the Dog (9/10)
    2. Treehouse of Horror VI (8.5/10) [Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores (7/10) | Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace (9.5/10) | Homer³ (8.5/10)]
    3. Flanders' Ladder (8.5/10)
    4. The City of New York vs Homer Simpson (8/10)
    5. Lisa's Rival (8/10)

    1. Singin' in the Lane (3/10)
    2. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge (3/10)
    3. Marge the Lumberjill (3/10)
    4. He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs (3.5/10)
    5. Homer the Moe (4.5/10)
    I'm late, but batch 3 is finally done! This was a great batch of episodes, though I kinda expected that going in based on the sheer amount of iconic titles I had to type into my signature. Even with those episodes I knew would be great, I was surprised at how many episodes I ended up loving from this batch. There were a lot of excellent episodes I wasn't expecting. However, there were also plenty of stinkers. This was the first time I gave an episode a 1.5, and I gave that rating twice here. But anyways, here are my top and bottom five for this week

    1. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (9/10)
    2. Trilogy of Error (9/10)
    3. Bart's Comet (9/10)
    4. I Love Lisa (8.5/10)
    5. Kamp Krusty (8.5/10)

    1. Kill the Alligator and Run (1.5/10)
    2. The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed (1.5/10)
    3. Bart's New Friend (3.5/10)
    4. Whistler's Father (4/10)
    5. Treehouse of Horror XXV (5.5/10)
    -School is Hell (5/10)
    -A Clockwork Yellow (3.5/10)
    -The Others (8.5/10)
    I feel like no matter when I sit down, watch the Simpsons, put it on in the background. I am always putting on The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show, its top 5 for me
    Finished Batch 2 of my random Simpsons binge! This batch was honestly pretty mid, there weren't as many standouts as there were last week. And by standouts, I mean both good and bad. Everything was generally more middle-of-the-pack than anything else, and there were very few episodes I thought were particularly great or particularly terrible. I was honestly concerned with the amount of episodes I was giving a 6 or a 6.5. There were a few that stood out, and those few I will list in my top 5 best and top 5 worst

    1. Last Exit to Springfield (9.5/10)
    2. Bart the Mother (8/10)
    3. Last of the Red Hat Mamas (7.5/10)
    4. Mobile Homer (7.5/10)
    5. The Princess Guide (7.5/10)

    1. 3 Scenes Plus a Tag From a Marriage (3/10)
    2. MyPods and Broomsticks (3.5/10)
    3. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (4/10)
    4. Treehouse of Horror XXX (5/10)
    -Danger Things (4.5/10)
    -Heaven Swipes Right (7/10)
    -When Hairy Met Slimy (4/10)
    5. Lard of the Dance (5/10)
    I think I'll write my updates to my random order binge here because idk if I want to make a whole forum about it in general discussion. But basically, I've now finished batch 1, and at some point today I'll update my signature to batch 2. For now, I'll keep my signature up so anyone can see my thoughts if they'd like. What I'll do in these updates is list my five best and my five worst, so here it is:

    1. The Boy Who Knew Too Much (9/10)
    2. I, Carumbus (8/10)
    3. King-Size Homer (8/10)
    4. Springfield Up (8/10)
    5. Lisa vs Malibu Stacy (7.5/10)

    1. Now Museum, Now You Don't (2/10)
    2. Let's Go Fly a Coot (3/10)
    3. Them, Robot (3.5/10)
    4. Take My Wife, Sleaze (4/10)
    5. E Pluribus Wiggum (4/10)
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    I find it kind of funny how your second favorite episode of the lot came before your least favorite episode of the lot. But I'm glad we share the same opinion! 'Now Museum, Now You Don't' is a piece of shit.
    Yeah, I was so disappointed with it, I really expected it to be great after how much I loved I, Carumbus. Now Museum was just such a slog
    GOD YES, the only good thing was the animation (courtesy of the fantastic Timothy Bailey), the rest was a complete load. Worst anthology episode and also a waste of what was an episode with potential (I'm particularly frustrated by the suggestion of a 22 short film/short story, about the art).
    Not sure where else to write this but right here, but I just wanted to clarify a change I'm making to my signature in case anyone's curious. I am rewatching the entirety of the Simpsons in completely random order! I'm watching them in 22 episode batches every week, as though I'm watching an actual season. I'll have part of my signature consist of my ratings of all the episodes in the batch I'm currently watching, and I'll post reviews when I wanna give my extended thoughts
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