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  • it's actress freida pinto from the movie "slumdog millionaire".

    that particular scene really struck me emotionally. the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
    Good God, he was one of the most annoying boarders, but I do miss him for the sheer morbid entertainment value of his horrible threads and posts.
    thank you for your message ;)

    actually I'm searching for Martin's dance (with the "Finland clothes") in Das Bus But I don't find it.
    I do have the major advantage of being in the same country, state and city as her though, so you're gonna have to do more than that to get there first :D
    Haha, yep same girl and yep, she's single. She used to go to school only 5 minutes from where I live. I wonder if I could track her down...
    There's a rule that says you're only allowed to make one post in a row, use the Edit button next time!
    I had the original picture as a profile pic once. Without the Motivator.

    Still, it's awesome
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