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  • Well i'm glad you like what you've seen of it. :D It's a very unique show. It's on netflix if you have that.

    And yeah, I keep getting an error message saying "page not found" on a blank page. It's rather annoying.
    Yeah but the walking dead is just for the zombies. The writing on that show is actually pretty bad.

    Bb ended up being quite different than I thought from the show description. Obviously it's a drama, but's it's actually quite funny at times (especially in the first two seasons). The character development is the best ive seen in any show. Hands down. If you ever end up watching it keep me updated. :) I love getting people into the show.
    Come on, I don't believe you. ;) Alright, who are the ones you find annoying?

    And which is the other one you're talking about? I mean, I think we both know the first one, so let's not even bothering with mentioning him :D But I can't think of any other user that I've made a show of particularly disliking. Well, none that currently use the site regularly.
    I'd recommend Count Duckula.

    And no, nothing really entertaining or explosive has happened on the forum. It's all just quiet a lot of the time
    Sure, I liked Fat Dog Mendoza, our version of Dennis the Menace, Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, and Count Duckula.

    I haven't seen any of them in years though.
    Courage and early Spongebob are pretty much the only children's cartoons I saw as a kid that I'll still occasionally sit down to watch.

    Funnily enough though, Courage rarely scared me as a kid. I think it's because I was too much in love with actual style of the show to really notice any of the horrific things going on. Well, horrific for a kid's show anyway. Your mentioning of a pantry has inexplicably made me hungry. Pantry and grub, while already relating to food anyway, are just delicious words to pronounce IMO. :D Dunno why.
    I know exactly what you mean. Even with a full 8 hours behind you, if it feels like it's gone quick, then it's almost like there was no point to it at all. As you said, we need to savour our sleep. :D That's the perfect word for it. Although it's awful when, just in case, you go to sleep way earlier than you need to and then you wake up with a massive headache.

    That's not what you want when getting ready for the day. And I'm not a morning person, so I'd already be feeling bad about it anyway. Your comment about the boy hitting his face into the pole made me laugh. I did the exact same thing when I was around 10 or so. Cut my lip up and everything.

    You ever seen Courage the Cowardly Dog?
    I'm awful. :D I've gotten just under three hours worth of sleep in preparation for a 5 hour job that consists of walking up and down a poorly ventilated building with crappily made, stinky as fuck bins. When I get back, I'm gonna so enjoy my sleep.

    Seriously, not even the apocalypse will be enough to wake me. That's the only consolation for today, that sleep that awaits me after this awful, awful job. This particular one just drains you. And yeah, I'm also shitty at sport. The only sports I'm halfway good at, are Badminton and Basketball. And thank you for the compliment on my avatar. When I was watching Duffless the other day, I just had to pause the story and grab that image. I immediately fell in love with it. First time I've had a Simpsons avatar for more than 1 hour, I think. :D
    Of the ones listed, I only watch The Walking Dead.

    But I've heard great things about the other two shows. And yeah, besides Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and this new show called The Blacklist that I'm hoping is gonna be good, I don't watch that much new stuff either. I much prefer Television from the 80s/90s.
    Ugh. Well that says it all, doesn't it? :)

    Besides Big Brother (y'know, 'our' version of it), I'm not all that into reality television. I find most of it to be intensely boring. And it's a shame because British television seems to be dominated by Reality tv these days. X Factor, American Idol, Britain's Got Talent etc. It's all horseshit. Absolutely despise that stuff. American TV, however, seems to be in a new golden age of sorts. What with Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Wire and all that.
    I also can't choose just one, but for the sake of mentioning one anyway, I've always loved the randomness of that joke in Duffless where Homer tries to escape from work, only to come face to face with a giant spider, with the riddle "To overcome the spider's curse, simply quote a Bible verse." Homer gets as far as "Thou shalt not..." before giving up and throwing a rock at it.

    Knocks the spider out cold. :D
    I was holidaying in Florida and got addicted to watching the Treehouse of Horror DVD that I'd bought at Walmart. So when I got back home, I wanted to share what parts had made me laugh. I typed in "best simpsons site", and here we are. Ironically, I rarely talk about the Simpsons on here.
    I thought so. Even in an ironic sense, no one on this earth still uses golly or swell. Not even people still stuck in the '70s.

    I can't believe I've been here almost a year. Or that you've been here for a year already.
    Well it really depends on who I'm hanging around with. If I'm with people that I'm comfortable with, then I swear shit loads. Total guttermouth. :D But when I'm with people I don't particularly like or care for, I keep my swearing in check. *shrug* I love that words like "damn" or "crap" are treated with the same level or severity as "fuck" or "shit" in the States. :D That language is hardly considered swearing over here.
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