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  • Ta- Bi -Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy holiday season, Tabitha. you should try to visit in the future, if possible.

    -joe miller
    Tabitha left.
    That's fine - take your time.

    I'm so glad you're alright!

    Damn, that sucks. I would have returned them and demanded the postage back!

    Me, too. They do have to make a living of course, but what's wrong with going about it in a nicer way? Instead of spreading gossip.
    yea people use them like every day.

    i've been listening to a lot of eminem recently and i think hip hop and rap are my favorite things now. i want to get into more rappers. recently i've been hearing his older stuff and it's great. i don't really know much about beyonce though and i don't even think i've heard of alicia keys.

    when i was younger i listened to it cause of my sister, but now i don't like it much.
    Hey, I heard about the tornadoes. Are you alright?

    Hmm... I might do so then.

    Indeed! I bought it from - they gave me refund though. I'll save up and buy the Japanese version instead.

    I know what you mean. You're probably right, although the media can be very cruel at times.
    i don't dislike stereotypes a lot, some if done right can be hilarious.

    i don't think i've heard anything else by her

    i'm not a fan of country, but it guess it's alright

    it wasn't a surprise but it was pretty fun. better then i thought it would be, for sure
    Exactly. Perhaps we should suggest it to an admin?

    Yup - and it's working fine, it appears.

    Oh I see. That's nice then - I hope you'll enjoy yourselves.

    Well I bought BoA's US album, which now means I only need one more album by her (Korean). I also bought the soundtrack to the video game Blue Dragon, but I needed to send that back because there was a large plastic security tag inside the disc dray of Disc 1... as a result, the disc was scratched to hell.

    I don't blame you - it's so sad that people turned against him because of a stupid rumour. When I heard he died, I didn't want to believe it - like it had to be fake. I heard about it as soon as it happened too which was an even bigger shock.
    ya, definitely too many of those.

    i listened to it yesterday and thought it was alright. not one of the best i've heard but it's not awful

    my sister's husband had 4 kids with his first wife, and two of them are twin 9 year olds (boy and girll), and the girl loves swift and that song in particular. it's the only one by her i've listened to all the way through.

    the party was pretty fun, yea
    it seems as a whole it's just written better then most other cartoons, i think anyway.

    i'll probably listen to it sometime soon, to see my take on it.

    i somewhat like 'teardrops on my guitar' but that's it.

    thanks! yesterday i had a family thing with my sister, mother, my sisters' husbands 9 year old twin boy and girl and my best friend. that was good. tonight, in a couple hours, the same best friend is throwing me a party at his house, so i imagine that will be fun. i hope so anyway
    i love south park. way better then current simpsons imo.

    i don't know if i've heard that. i've heard a lot of him, but i don't know the titles of some.

    taylor swift is ok, but pretty much all her songs (from what i've heard) are about her loving some guy, which is just too repetitive for me to enjoy in a singer
    I totally agree with you - I don't mind it being simpler, because obviously that'll make it run smoother, but I just wish it had the most important feature: Visitor Messages!! Before the update, I was able to use this website (non-mobile version) easier with my mobile than I can now.

    Apparently, it's coming back today so I'm hoping all is well.

    Cool - I hate waiting for things like that lol. Your friend lives in California right? Are you visiting her again?
    Umm... na, not really up to much - same ol' story with me really. Still looking for work and binge spending on CDs LOL!

    It's brilliant, isn't it? Poor Michael - so much talent...
    that's one of the main reasons i'm not too keen on the movie- a lot of the humor stems from homer getting hurt; the wolves, the motorcycle in the cage, falling from the roof, the very end of the movie, etc.

    i mostly listen to just Eminem for rap. i don't really dislike any of his songs, though some are weaker than others.

    my sister loves country, and i hate it. i just don't see why anyone would like it
    and pain. there was one episode where there was a scene where mr. moseby got hurt like 5-6 times, in the same exact scene. it seems people think stupidity and people in pain means it is automatically hilarious.

    Eminem, the rapper, is probably my favorite singer now, and by him i really enjoy Beautiful, Lose Yourself, and Not Afraid. I love others by him too but these are easily my favorites.

    I'm not too picky with music, i'll give practically anything a chance, i just... don't.
    more of the characters in the spinoff are dumb- of course, london (and sometimes zack), and that new character, woody. they focused a lot on making the jokes about how the characters are stupid, and i dunno. doesn't seem funny to me.

    you mean music? i don't listen to a lot of music so i don't have a favorite one
    Again, sorry for taking like, three weeks to reply - my PC has gone wrong again, so I've been waiting to get it fixed. I'm now using this old, crappy one until the better one is fixed. I would have replied using my phone, but using the full version of NHC takes forever to load on it, so I have to use the Mobile template, which doesn't let me view any messages.

    So how have you been? Been up to much?

    Oh, my user title "Annie are you ok?" is the lyrics from Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.
    yea, i'll give it that. it just seems to have lost some of the charm the original had.

    thanks :P
    i liked the original one better, 'the suite life of zack and cody'. suite life on deck is alright but i find the original funnier and better-written.


    a little while ago there was a thread for future avatar ideas. this was one of the ideas. i don't know if it is a gif or from a movie or whatever, but i picked it because it goes with my often-joking personality quite well, imo
    i know what you're talking about, and that moment was incredibly stupid. they've showed kisses before on the show, but not this time? what the hell.

    that would be interesting.
    i know, i hate that too. it annoys me.

    yea, i agree. Doofenshmirtz and his stupidity is great
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