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    Rick and Morty

    I think this show is plain dead to me. My expectations before a new episode are very low and yet I end up being disappointed. I think I can't enjoy this show anymore and I need to figure out why. I am not sure why I'm so indifferent about it if just a few years ago I was a big fan. I will come...
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    I rate & review Avatar: The Last Airbender

    I have just finished The Fortuneteller. That means I have watched 14 episodes already. Wow. This show is very addictive. I think I could watch the entire show during a long marathon if I had time, haha. The Storm is my favorite episode so far. The backstories of Aang and Zuko were both...
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    Rate and Review: "Steal This Episode" (SABF05)

    Fantastic analysis @John95
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    I rate & review Avatar: The Last Airbender

    I started this show this weekend. My 7-year-old cousin recommended it to me, lol. I have to say it's beautiful in every possible way. I love the characters. Aang is not as I pictured him at all since I thought he was going to be an unbeatable warrior but he's a likable and adorable kid instead...
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    Abridged Post-Classic Simpsons - REDUX

    It's been a long while since this thread has been updated. Do you have any estimated date in mind @B-Boy? I have been thinking I should rewatch classic Simpsons and then these abridged seasons to look how the exercise turns out, but it doesn't completely appeal me if the work is not complete 🤔
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    In Memoriam: NHC Members Who Have Permanently Logged Off/Been Permanently Banned: SECOND EDITION

    Welcome to Moe's and The Abominable Dr. Lenny were two great guys, came up always with insightful and interesting posts, and were both extremely friendly and likable. It was a pleasure to have met them. The forum never was really the same without them for me.
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    Rick and Morty

    I agree the show is a mixed bag now. The problem is that a "mixed bag" is just inacceptable for a show that is just starting, that produces only 10 episodes every two years, and that was practically infallible two seasons ago. I accept a show like The Simpsons being erratic from times to times...
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    Rick and Morty

    I wish I could believe that but I'll remain skeptical about the future of Rick and Morty, if not pessimistic. I heavily disliked the last two seasons, even if there were lots of good, some amazing episodes. There're some trends I think are ruining most stuff that make this show special (like...
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    TIME TO COME CLEAN: I have NEVER actually PROPERLY watched The Golden Age Of The Simpsons In it’s Entirety.

    I love it when trolling posts are so elaborated but I like them more when they are believable haha
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    "Welcome to the world of tomorrow !" aka I rate and review Futurama

    How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back tells an excellent plot-driven story. This episode doesn't have a story centered on him, neither on the Planet Express' crew, neither on Morgan. It's purely about bureaucracy. They took that concept and imagined a lot of crazy concepts, funny jokes and...
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    Season 34 Information Thread

    Taking into account how excellent were the recent experimental non-trilogies horror-themed episodes (Halloween of Horror and Thanksgiving of Horror) and considering how incredible were both Mazariegos and Selman's colaborations in non-canon episodes located in alternative universes with more...
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    NHC Top 100 episodes 2022: results!

    I'd also like to enumerate some of my thoughts, just like @Wire hangers. - Only departure I'm truly missing is Treehouse of Horror. I can't believe it only had 40 points and it's not among the best of its kind. It doesn't get the credits it deserves. - Nice to see all the original flashbacks...
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    NHC Top 100 episodes 2022: results!

    So, these were the ten highest-rated episodes from the post-classic era (11 and onwards) and the only ten to have more than fifty points. Behind the Laughter (78) HOMЯ (66) Trilogy of Error (261) I Am Furious (Yellow) (103) Moe Baby Blues (57) The Seemingly Never-Ending Story (103) Eternal...
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    NHC Top 100 episodes 2022: results!

    Thanks again for doing this terrific work @Financial Panther. The organization was excellent and the breakdowns were just great. Not sure if you have finished with these fun facts or if there're more coming, but I feel curious if you have around a list of classic episodes that finished with no...