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  • happy holiday season, Sycophantic German. visit more in the future, if possible.

    -joe miller
    I'm going to watch the first season of True Blood this coming Saturday. Do you think that I'll enjoy it?

    I want to get into something new.
    Hey, German - do you know anything about True Blood?

    I'd like to get into it, as, you know, a "summer show."

    I'd also like to read the books (The Southern Vampire Mysteries). I just wanted to know if you knew anything about it.
    Last night's "True Blood" was fan-fucking-tastic. Best of the season so far, and among the best of the series, I dare say.
    I'm using a temporary Futurama gif as my avatar for right now.

    I may switch back to The Simpsons avatars soon.

    Say, what is the avatar you have in mind?
    yeah...that "imprinting" is totally creepy and slavish. It has "predestination" and "manifest destiny" written all over it.

    How far along the new season of "True Blood" are you?
    I'm okay too.

    I haven't talked to you in awhile, I thought that you went idle from this forum.

    Also; due to you: I decided to change my avatar from Simpsons-theme to something else.

    It's only temporary, though.
    What is "imprinting"? I've never heard of that one. Yeah, and not to get all preachy on ya, but Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, and that belief (like many religions) revolves around women being subservient to men. This, to me, is where that "male-dominating romance" in "Twilight" comes from. My girlfriend's 14 year old sister used to love the books, until she diagnosed how anti-women they are. Now she can't stand them.

    One of my favorite aspects of "True Blood" is how pro-women it is (as well as pro-civil rights, gay rights, etc).
    In reference to your favorite music list: I've seen both Morrissey and PJ Harvey live in the past couple years. Both terrific, particularly Morrissey.

    P.S. Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my five all-time favorite books.
    Yeah, "True Blood" is a blast. I've always appreciated the vampire genre, and have been sickened by how it's being treated by the "fanpires" or whatever (the Twilight crowd). It was a pleasure to see that Alan Ball followed up the exquisite "Six Feet Under" with a genre show, because genre shows and films are seldom taken seriously anymore. Which is a shame; genres have always shaped true storytelling for generations.
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