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  • Thinking about it, i should have know who you was, since you have put breaking bad and the office on your "about me" lol.
    Oh, it's YOU lol I didnt know. wait... ?? im so confused. I'll PM you.

    Yeah, Im gonna email Clove (I was just gonna do it but i thought I'd check if it was happening to anyone else too first). But I'll email him now since it's not working for you too.

    I hope it doesn't shut down. :(
    who are you on fff?

    and I'm not sure. :( It wasn't working yesterday properly and would redirect me to a "database error" page. I emailed Clove and he said he would email the hosters.

    Today its just gone completely blank and says "page not found" when i type in the url.

    I hope it gets fixed soon.
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