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  • Yeah I see, you post lots here.

    Bella once told me that she is pink here because I was green on fff. lol
    He emailed me back: give It a day or 2

    So ill just wait and see if it works, I'm not losing hope. :)
    oh yeah Fotane...

    when/if the board comes back up, you're going to have to get some decent contact info from him ;)
    not a good start, is it? :/

    besides goldie, are you still able to get in contact with your other friends from fff?
    it's his new years resolution to cut down on his boarding or something like that

    i think i've only talked to him once or twice since new years :/
    oh wait never mind

    i read your reply to goldie, that kind of sucks though, no more fff for a while :/

    why can't you even access the fff anymore?!? it's not even on google search :S
    Yeah, I like here how they organise the sub forums.
    I suppose a change from FFF can't be bad, but I think ill end up lurking mainly here
    Tbh I don't like the Idea of not being able to make a welcome thread, Its like with that one thread that everyone posys In... it doesn't give much of a "welcoming" atmosphere, and its just like your getting thrown to the back of the member list and no one gives 2 sh*ts about you the following day.. so its not exactly helping you with fitting In with others. Also the members here seem to be much more serious, unlike FFF members who you can have a laugh with.

    Yeah I love off topic sections, however they dont have a very good one.
    Thats cause you probably post in the Simpson section too, where as I just lurk there. :P

    Plus it'd help if I knew more members.:P
    "Well I think the domain has expired and Gazereths login details to the domain site isn't working. I have emailed support."

    That's what Clove said.^
    yea i spend a lot more time on here than i probably should haha.

    people here aren't too judgmental so don't worry
    yea, it just says "cannot display webpage" when i try to go on there.

    no big deal for me since i barely went on there much, but it sucks for the regulars.

    oh and you know me on fff so i don't need to introduce myself ^_^
    i don't go on there a lot, but it wasn't working last time i tried getting on
    Maybe all moderators are having the problem then??
    Im gonna leave it for tonight anyway, I'll see if it works tomorrow.

    Night. =)
    Clove relplied press ctrl + F5... Does that work for you?
    It just refreshes the page for me.
    FFF is working for Onuki too, and its working for Clove also.. thats weird. :S

    It's still not working for me.
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