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  • Agreed. I have this little theory in the back of my head that the premiere to season 2 is going to be "Polo" since the finale was "Marco" and I can't help think of pollos and the inevitablity that Gus is going to become part of the story for Mike. I feel this anxiety though with that because I don't know if I want to know more about Gus. Obviously there's alot more to know about him, but I kind of liked the mystery Breaking Bad left us off with. I guess I'm hoping they spoon-feed us stuff that can sustain what makes him great. The backstory we got with Mike was actually really good and if anything made his story in Breaking Bad heavier IMO, but then there's moments like the meet-up in the parking garage where it's cool but there's something off about it, like they're making him too much of a big-shot noble criminal because he's one of the fan-favorites, but that's just me and it's only a slight nit-pick.

    Oh and congrats on the job. Do you like it?
    Yeah it was. It wasn't without it's flaws here and there but I think overall it's a great first season for the series. I'm hoping next year is the usual 13 episode season (not that I didn't mind getting 8 episodes structure-wise since Breaking Bad's first had 7).

    I hope things are looking up for you IRL. You're definitely missed!
    how's it going swoony? just to let you know, your decrease in activity is felt. what did you think of Saul?
    But you give me a visitor message on 11-02-2014 that is now say ing This message has been deleted by CuillèreDeNoël..
    I'm never on here really, i occasionaly pop in to see if any new fff members come here but it's been so quiet. can't believe it's just gone like that. good times, good times tho
    Yeah I remember when you, me, kz, frj, etc. would post. good times. are you on skype? we should all connect like the good ol days
    Well I was hardly going to create my own thread about an issue that people are already clearly well aware of (though it seems they're attributing different reasonings for this slump).

    And I wasn't talking about that sorta rudeness. That sorta rudeness at least has a charm and wit to it. The rudeness I'm talking about is people just flat out calling each other the most appalling things possible. It's an awful and frankly boring rigmarole to have to watch.
    Oh brother. FYI, Swoon, my post wasn't at all unrelated. That page was brewing up to be a prime example of why so many people are leaving this site. You all seem to think it's because of the constant spamming (and that's also certainly a downside), it's not, it's because of how people are being so fucking insanely rude to each other over issues like that. It's tiring. But of course, look past that. It's easier.
    Heh, I just read that grammar argument you got into. You have an unfortunate habit of always getting into fights with the resident weirdo, just as they start posting. Better you than me lol.
    Where I said "OSS/Feminism aren't fun anymore, let's move on to D'ohmer"

    I was being ironic here. Your response was either insulting me, thinking I meant it and thus added to the poorness of the board or was agreeing with me saying that the issue I brought up was true but... I'm unsure which.
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