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  • I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I just don't know what kind of classes to take, or anything about student loans or anything. But some practice would be nice, for writing improvement at least
    I've been going through different temp/staffing agencies, but they're no real help. I hate looking for work because of my anxiety, but at the same time, I know I need a job so I can save up some money.
    I mostly go because it's the only way to get online. my laptop kinda died on me earlier this year, and I haven't been able to get a job and save up for a new one.
    the library by where I live. sorry for not clearing that up. I've been out of high school for 4 years
    I try to be on for at least 3-4 hours a day. since I can only use the internet at the library i try to plan for this, and to get some writing done, so at least i can say i did something
    i left for a few months earlier this year but I've been more active these past few weeks. I only get to be on when i go to the library so i only get a few hours a day. gotta use 'em while i can haha because I've missed this place.
    Sadly a lot of people seem to like him for some reason. Maybe it's just an act he puts on and he's nicer in private on Tinychat and stuff. I dunno.
    He just makes passive-aggressive swipes at everyone. Try to ignore him. His brother Squeaky Voiced Teen does it too, but isn't quite as bad.
    I saw a video about it way back in 2009 when I was 16. Found the commercials and stuff featuring the character soon after that as well as the whole thing about him being a guest character in some fighting game. The whole concept just fascinated me because like, even though it has that air of "Weird Japanese thing" to it, it's still not weird to the point where a Western audience couldn't latch onto it. Kinda just wished Pepsi would have used him as more of a worldwide mascot.
    Has there been a Pepsiman surge recently? I've had that image as my profile pic for a while but outside of Game Grumps I had no idea there was anything currently going on with it haha.
    The sad news about Gene Wilder got me thinking about a poll thread on which actor considered for the role in the 2005 remake would have been the best. Is that too tasteless right now?
    Hey, at least you stick around!

    Unlike... *sigh*... Elliot75, who just left without announcement :(
    Welcome back, I presume you are staying this time?

    Or you just took a break. We have lives outside of this forum of course.
    Hi, welcome back to the forums. We didn't talk that much, so you might not remember me, but I'm Rembrandt.

    I seem to remember you having an interest in taking photos or something... do you have any that'd make a good wallpaper?
    I'm sure most of them do, and even if they didn't it wouldn't really take long for you to become a part of things again.
    There was actually this weird stigma surrounding TC for a while about it being some kind of high school bully clique that got way out of control. Kaos has been pretty vocal about his distaste for said stigma and has gone out of his way to be like "We want to be inclusive!". He was the one in charge of the room for a while but recently it's been passed on to RobynS (A newer member. She's dating Tormented) and the way we see it. The more the merrier in chat.

    I'm not sure how many of the members you really recall but if you're ever on TC you'll find the likes of myself, Smiling Politely, Kaos, Pkkao, Handsome, Kupomog, ThatsAPaddlin, Tormented, Jay Leno, OldSchoolerSimpsons, Torrens, Insomnia, RobynS, Deadname, Old Painty-can Ned, Super Nintendo Chalmers and more. Chat's rarely that packed at once but I'm sure you'd probably find yourself welcome enough.
    Yeah, for the most part, the Off-Topic section mainstays are a pretty tight little community for the most part. There's such an insane level of disconnect between that side of things and The Simpsons section of the board at times that if you tend to gravitate more toward the Off-Topic side of things, you'd nearly forget it was a board for The Simpsons were it not for that banner at the top.

    Tinychat's still a pretty big thing for a lot of us too. The room's changed hands a couple of times since Dobbie first introduced it but it's pretty inclusive. If you ever wanna get caught up on stuff or get back into the swing of things with some of us in a more lax, shoot the shit kind of setting you should hop in at some stage. Thread usually gets bumped every other day so it's easy enough to tell when someone's trying to get a TC session going.
    Eh, you'll probably be able to pick up on some little things here and there if you stick around and I'm sure if you have any questions about board shit you've missed out on people will be happy to catch you up.
    Haha, no need to be sorry. People come and go all the time on here. Just because that old Mr. Burns "Don't forget, you're here forever" joke gets trotted out a lot doesn't exactly make it legally binding. :P It's just neat to see some old faces reappear.

    Out of curiosity since you've been away for a while, does the tone of the NHC seem at all different to you now compared to when you were a more active?
    I'm honestly not sure. As far as I was aware you still popped up from time to time in the Steven Universe thread but I've never really watched that show so it's not like I'd really take much notice.
    That's nice of you to say. Much appreciated. :) I wish I could remember the names because we've had a few that just sorta randomly popped up like "Oh hey, I haven't been here in forever. Is there anyone still around that I might recall from my time on here?". I don't think any of them really stuck around but it was neat to see a brief bit of reconnecting for some.

    Here's a good recent example.
    Not too bad. Actually about to try and get some sleep here because it's almost 4 in the morning with me but seeing you pop up in that catcalling thread I made I figured I'd better message now in case you vanish again and I miss my opportunity.

    Big fan of seeing past members pop up out of the blue. It's happened a decent bit lately with some people who were on the board long before I was so it's nice to see someone who was around a bit more within my own time span as an active member.
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