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  • I'm sure somebody will hire you. But I agree looking for a job sucks. It's a really aggravating task, easy to feel like you just want to give up.
    It's not too late yet. What do you want to work with? Or, what could you at least stand to work with?
    I'm fine. I'm currently looking to get in at an internship, which will hopefully then make it easier for me to get a real job.
    if I went to school now, college, whatever, I'd be a lot more open I feel. I used to not speak my mind because I was worried my opinions were 'stupid' or whatever but I've obviously grown a bit since then
    I was lying about the good times, haha.

    I had a bit of a reputation and I was so blinded by the fact that "People are paying attention to me!" that it took me till after I graduated to realize that most people weren't laughing with me, they were laughing at me. I had an exaggerated tone to my voice when saying certain things and it got some people laughing, but soon that's all I was; a joke. and sadly, I played into it
    hey, how have you been? noticed you were online recently. hope all is well?
    It's from this relationship webcomic called "Our Super Adventure". Smiling found it not that long ago and enjoys the fact that the guy in the comic looks like me. I'm not sure if you watch Rick & Morty but I found out recently that the woman behind the series is currently writing/drawing an official spin-off of those Rick & Morty comics that focuses on Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole.
    Honestly, it's so long that I can't fully remember. I can tell you he made a bunch of alt accounts after he got banned so that he could spam more shit of a similar nature which I'm fairly sure got him IP banned.
    Yeah, but it's pratically everyday cloudy (well the majority of the days), so that kind of sucks.
    Oh interesting, theres a lot of lakes in your region right ? Haha, love talkin nature with people.

    How is the weather there btw ?
    Hey thanks for the friend request ;)
    You are from Canada ? If so, can I know from which region ? I don't know much about Canada, but I have lots of pals on the internet who from there, and a friend irl is moving to Vancouver in a few weeks :)
    Hey hello Swoony, glad you came back to this forum, I like your boarding a lot.
    I'm trying to avoid stuff like that and try to find actual work because I don't know much about that.
    I'm staying with my friend, his wife(also my friend but just to give you an idea), and their 2 kids, a 5 year old and a newborn(I don't know how long you're considered 'new born' haha but a baby who is 7 months). I'm just staying till I can save up and get a place. we live in a trailer park and i could get one, i just need to work. it's kinda hectic at times and there have been numerous times where i just want to leave because i don't feel like I'm contributing to anything, but they've let me stay this long, almost a year now
    I was living in a homeless shelter pretty much all summer 2014(two different ones, actually). In fact I probably should be in one now. My friends are super nice and understanding though, which is good because if it wasn't for them, who knows where I'd be.
    Well, thank you for your usernote. That was a nice surprise.

    Yeah, that's another reason college would be good, because I'm an OK writer(IMO), but i can always be a little better.
    I'm so bad at dealing with stress. Last weekend, my friend was mad at me over something, and so I made the 'wise' decision of checking myself into a homeless shelter. I spent one night there, and the next morning I go back to my friend's and everything is good. I need to stop overthinking stuff, but it's hard when you're so used to it
    I never really initiate conversations between my friends(who I'm living with). like, if I need to borrow their phones for something, or if I need anything, I will pace around the house until they notice, or try to do something to get them to look at me so I can ask what I need. I hate going outside our trailer because I feel like I always get stared at.

    in all honesty, I'm not THAT bad at being antisocial, it just seems like I am because my friends can talk and talk and talk about anything and everything. I try not to say anything unless it continues on the conversation in an interesting or unique manner and contributes something
    then it makes perfect sense that's what I wanna be because I'm about as antisocial as they come haha
    could be. I just know that since I was like 8, all I ever wanted to do was write; my own scripts, short stories, poetry, reviews of stuff, etc. anything that needs writing. I've often thought that all I need for a job would be to be in an office, typing stuff. I have a pretty good Words Per Minute ratio, with few errors.
    Yes. Writing has always fascinated me. It's kind of funny because in real life I'm not that social, but get me behind a keyboard and I'll talk and talk nonstop haha
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