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  • Love the designs you drew of future Janey, Alex & Allison if it was you that drew them of course
    just fyi I'll be on from now for the next four hours if you wanna chat
    ohhh fair enough :D
    umm bands are called "The Mirraz", "andymori", "fujifabric" etc..all very good :)
    not exactly :P i used to like it
    but i prefer japanese music like progressive rock bands nobody has heard of
    but i do love korean food :heart:
    Little Big Girl is an episode I especially like for Bart's dream : with the music of Alexander Borodin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXwiHqqXJ2M), and it made me want to go to Utah. (but overall I really like the part of Bart and Darcy)
    Lisa's Date with Density is just hilarious ! There are so many good jokes like all the "Skinneeeeeer !?" at the beginning, or Milhouse who spits his milk, or when he looks at Nelson when he gives the message of Lisa and two seconds later he is in a stretcher. The part of Homer is also very funny. Lisa and Nelson are very good in this episode, and I love the scene of the kiss.
    Lisa on Ice might take the 5th place because I have overrated Lisa's First Word a little. It's the best episode Bart/Lisa, and the end when they skate together is very touching.

    Oh and sorry for my bad english...
    Very hard to explain for Stealing First Base. It's not a very funny episode but whenever I watch it, it reminds me a part of my life... Also it's the first HD episode I've seen and it impressed me.
    Moe Baby Blues is an episode on Maggie and Moe, two characters I really like (especially Maggie who is my favorite character)... I really enjoy watch it again and again.
    Thank you for your return of kind words on your blog. I definitely mean to treat her well this time around. The last two times, I sort of took her for granted and had issues giving her space, and not respecting her wishes for space. This time, so far, I feel I've done way better and am in a better place than before.
    I realized I had a few messages I hadn't answered...thanks for the birthday wishes! I actually do remember you a bit, yeah, plus I used to lurk here occasionally.
    He shall live on forever in my signature. Maybe if enough people hate it, I'll change it back.
    My school doesn't do class rankings for some reason, but has a reputation in the state for being a tougher curriculum, so people can get scholarships with a little lower GPA than at some other schools

    I have a friend with the same problem, his GPA got drug down because English is his second language and he just couldn't get English class
    Probably into the advanced engineering program at Nebraska, with a pretty good scholarship

    Somehow I just nail standardized tests, even if I don't always do well in the class
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