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  • hey can you change my join date back to the accurate oct 2 2011
    I swear the powers of the universe are preventing me from moving through OitnB S3. Everyday I have a tiny slot of time for the past two weeks and I keep getting distracted by something someone puts in front of me.

    And now I finally have time to watch it, and one of my supervisors is pressuring me into watching True Detective. Where's the magical pass you used to start working at home? I need it.
    is the username Zaphod Beeblebrox already taken? If not, can I have my name changed to it, please
    My favourite food to make is anything with melted cheese. Us Brits are missing out! Feel free to send any other suggestions from Mexican or other cuisine. Over here we mainly have Italian, Chinese, Indian, kebabs and fish and chips to choose from for restaurants and takeaways.
    "My friend! My friend!" You big crybaby. Go bury him in the yard before he stinks up the place!
    Quesadillas sound amazing. Ditto lots of your American/Mexican/Canadian foods. We don't really have anything like that over here, although I guess there's nothing stopping me making them at home. I'm gonna head over and read that update now!
    Hahaha that's amazing. I've been #Halloween since October. Still forgot my own username to log in after deleting my cookies and had to check a thread to find out what it was, so you're not as bad as me!

    I'm good. Off uni for Easter. How you doin'?
    also you're going to look like a lunatic talking to yourself so I apologize but I'm kind of paranoid atm and just decided to delete those previous VMs

    I think, on my level at least, there's awkward unfinished business and while I don't think anyone there would be a total prick and go, "I'm going to confront you over this four-year-old incident"... it's still extremely just awkward.

    and overall yeah, no interest whatsoever.
    lol me coming back to b&r

    it'd be like me being a cow walking into a slaughterhouse
    Don't worry. Come Christmas, I'll have the most festive username... probably.
    I honestly wish I had thought of Death Mwauthzyx for my username before you did. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. You win this round, Steve, you win this round.
    I gave up tonight on the sixth level boss who is near-impossible

    had to rebuy a pro controller so I can finish it and now I don't want to even touch it ergh
    1) new girl comes onto okcupid, first decent one in months. super cute. great taste. lives five miles away. 95% match (!!!)
    2) message said incredible girl
    3) miracle happens: incredible girl responds, has amazing sense of humor
    4) respond back
    5) second miracle: girl responds again!
    6) go to initiate surely amazing conversation that result in first date in nearly two years because this girl is incredible
    7) find out girl has deactivated account
    8) wallow in misery and play donkey kong country tropical freeze
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