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  • Please change my 'posting count' to 353 , and my username to ~ Hāņđ§○më☆Æñģęľ
    not really it was a joke but it did happen a few times
    Even just how your allies will help you when an enemy has a hold of you and the awareness indicator on the enemies when you're trying to stealth is cool too. The auction level was great and oof I'm not looking forward to running into Nadine again. I imagine she's going to make for a very tough boss fight down the road. But yeah that and the opening with driving the boat in the storm, the prison break sequence, scuba diving, etc. has all been really exciting so far. I also liked the chapter "A Normal Life" with Drake reminiscing in the attic. The part where he plays with the toy gun made me feel sad. The whole Nate/Elena conflict is very nuanced and I can't wait to see where it goes. Also I remember you saying in the past that you never played Crash, but as a fan I found that particular moment as a really fun surprise.
    Hey Steve. Just wondering if you have started playing Uncharted 4 yet? I was so addicted and obsessed with it last night and managed to get through 7 chapters haha. This game has had so much variety in its gameplay so far which has made for a really fresh and exciting experience. I actually think the story in this game is the best one yet too. I always felt like Uncharted 3's story was more focused on getting Nate from cool set piece to cool set piece, but with this game everything feels a lot more cohesive and engrossing. Anyway, if you started playing at all yet, how far are you and what are your thoughts?
    Can you change the options on this thread, to use colons or en dashes? Partly because I made a typo, but also grammar Nazism.
    Can you change my name back to Rembrandt Q. Einstein? Change the previous account to Rembrandt Q. Einstein #1. Could do with a change. Thanks.
    hey steve

    can you change my username to: Mr Black

    there might already be a Mr Black since it was last my username, otherwise mr black, or mister black will suffice.
    make it an australian. I'm always eager to find new reasons to hate australia
    heh somebody already did that joke in the thread itself

    I need to be depressed again for this to work. you need to find me a girl in another country for me to become hopelessly infatuated with and then breaks my heart, that seems to do the trick. ;)
    I just agreed to try and be master of my domain for one month. (see no fap November thread)

    I better not get a neighbor who likes to walk around in the nude
    Haha, you gave into the despair of that "trap." It's supposed to feel really defeating right there, but then there's another little trick that happens. "The Asylum" is an appropriate name for what a mindscrew I made it into. Thanks for checking it out.
    Hey Steve, I made a new level. Check it out, if you have some time! It's called "The Asylum."
    ID: E836-0000-00AA-8FA3
    I designed it to have a lot of twists and turns and stuff so let me know what you think!
    hey Steve
    what would you think of a trailer showdown thread to fill the void after the end of the music showdown??
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