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  • Whadda I gotts ta do to get you to send me them kevin spencer dvd commentary files? i am in DESPRATE need of them
    That's awesome, man. Yeah, just the best show. I don't think there ever has and ever will be anything like it again.
    Hey Startug, would you be up for doing a Podcast ep with me sometime this week? Been a while since I've done one (and Goodcast seems pre much dead, though I might ask people from there to come on), and I'm still interested in doing a (good) one of these with you.

    Just name a good time/date, and I'll make it around that, thank you.
    Alright, thanks man. Hopefully I can get some people still, despite waking up late. *asks Rehpitorirhc in desperation*
    No one seems to respond to my confusion. Do you know if the podcast actually already has taken place?
    nah I'm 21 (so like 19 in 2013ish)

    just I can relate to shitty teenagers being shitty

    I remember that time of my life well
    Well now I just feel like I've directed you towards cigs which ain't a good feeling lol. Seriously though, if you were able to quit once before, you can do again.
    Oh no no I'm sorry I saw it before work and I forgot.

    It's just been a stressful week for me.
    That's totally possible. I find I have to be in a very particular mood to watch the show. FG and Simpsons don't really require as much thought from me in that regard. I can take in a lot of eps pretty passively.
    I could see an ep like "Dr. Yap" lending itself to a YTP pretty easily. I have a hard time remembering a lot of the content of BB episodes tbh, so it's hard for me to say for sure. I'll probably get around tot hose last two eps soon enough. I'm not sure why I put off watching BB as much as I do tbh. It's consistently one of the better animated shows on at the moment, but somehow I still find myself watching new episodes of Simpsons or Family Guy sooner.
    That turned out pretty good man. This actually reminds me that I still haven't watched the most recent two eps of BB yet. For some reason I just kept putting it off. As for what episode to do next. I'm honestly not sure. If you wanna go the crass route, I'm sure you could probably get some silly material from something like "Beefsquatch" with Linda flashing her boobs on TV.
    aw shit
    are we able to do it tomorrow?
    I'm only able to do saturday nights (in your time)
    hey bud just so I can schedule my sleep around it what time is the podcast and what day?
    Dude, just following up on what you said in the now locked FG thread by Totte. You thinking what I'm thinking? Because I knew that username instantly. It's that YouTube user with the Louise Belcher avatar that's always getting into fights in the comment sections of Animation Domination vids.
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