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    Any Episodes From the Classic Era That You Hate?

    But Bart was always going to be a lost cause regardless because of the Simpson Gene, remember? /s
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    Any Episodes From the Classic Era That You Hate?

    Out of curiosity, are there any Classic Era episodes that any people here hate? Not just that you don't care for them, or that you think they're weak episodes, or that they're worse than the rest of the Classic Era. Are there any Classic episodes you really strongly dislike, be it for critical...
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    What did Homer mean when he said "I'll plug your hole!" In Simpson Tide?

    Literally it's supposed to mean that Homer's gonna close Bart's mouth, i.e. shut him up, but in the commentary for Simpson Tide, one of the commenters (I think it was Bill Oakley?) mentions outright that it sounds like Homer's gonna sodomize his son. So they were probably aware that the line...
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    Just read through that Sherri and Terri Hate Art thread made by Stahlhelm Dude

    I agree, having such an unhealthy, vitriolic hatred for two completely insignificant minor characters in a cartoon, to the point where you have to make multiple sock puppet accounts to try to justify your unjustifiable hatred, makes no sense. And yet here you are.
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    Early 90s packaging appreciation station

    This is a bit of a tangent, but as a kid I spent summers with my grandparents in Arkansas, and I distinctly remember one summer in the early 2000's (I think it was 2003). We went to a grocery store in Huntsville, AR, and they had one of those machines in the lobby where you put in a couple...
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    Worst classic era episodes?

    I agree completely with this "My Sister, My Sitter" is an episode I've always really loved and I've never understand why so many people seem to think it's one of the worst (at least among the classic episodes). I think Lisa's characterization is great in this episode, and babysitting seems like...
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    The Little Things In Simpsons Animation

    I've always liked this little detail from The Springfield Files. Bart and Lisa having Oreos on sheets of paper towel in front of the TV already feels very authentically kid-like, but I love the additional characterization that Lisa's Oreos are in a neat stack and Bart's are in a messy jumble.
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    Very unpopular opinions.

    Haha, thank you! I appreciate it.
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    Very unpopular opinions.

    I definitely agree that the 138th Episode Spectacular is the best clip show, but I could be talked into putting All Singing, All Dancing second. Though I would probably give the edge to So It's Come To This in second place, then All Singing, All Dancing, then Another Simpsons Clip Show and Gump...
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    Very unpopular opinions.

    I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but "All Singing, All Dancing" seems to be really reviled, but I don't think it's any worse than the average clip show. Which obviously means it still sucks, but it's not some especially heinous degree of suck.
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    Burning Down the Treehouse: Some Idiot Reviews Ninety THOH Segments in Thirty Days

    Homer^3 was one of my favorite segments as a kid. Though if I remember my Season 7 DVD commentaries correctly, Homer^3 was the reason why they submitted Treehouse of Horror 6 for Emmy consideration, and as a result they lost to Pinky and the Brain. So I suppose this segment is a real...
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    Recycled animation in early episodes

    It's been a while, but there was an episode (I want to say it was The Boy Who Knew Too Much) that pretty gratuitously recycled some shots from previous episodes of Bart running, including one from Kamp Krusty. Though that one was obvious to the point that I wonder if it was meant to be an...
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    kaos ranks the classic episodes + season 9

    Though I'd never rank it quite that high, it's heartening to see people giving Marge Be Not Proud some love.
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    Episodes you thought were from/ belonged in a different season

    I always think HOMR is a season 13 episode instead of season 12. In my head it's an early Al Jean episode rather than a late Scully one, which I guess makes sense since Al Jean wrote it.