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  • I ordered a rare 2000 The Simpsons Springfield Elementary playset with Bart and Lisa (figures were also sold seperately)
    What i got was a Shimmer and Shine book based on the episode ''Welcome to Zahramay Falls''
    I want my Springfield Elementary school, not a book about those stupid genies Shimmer and Shine!
    Update: The seller does not have the playset and never did, anyone who orders it or the equally rare 2000 Simpson House playset with Homer and Marge (figures also sold seperately) will receive the Shimmer and Shine book instead, meaning it's a scam.
    2000 The Simpsons figures and playsets were only sold in the US, the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Japan and Israel.
    Seperately sold figures are: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Krusty, Ned, Principal Skinner, Moe, Milhouse, Mr. Burns, Apu, Grampa and Chief Wiggum.
    There also was a rare Kwik-E-Mart playset with Apu and Grampa which was just as rare as the other two playsets, but it's thankfully not listed on the seller's website, which means you can not buy it from him.
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    That is awful! I feel so bad for you.
    It's fake.
    Woah! Are you referring to the Lego playset, or the one that comes with audio when teh characters are attached?
    That's so messed up. I am frustrated to hear this happened to you.
    Is this an eBay seller? If so, I hope you can feel free to drop their handle so that we may report them. It is inappropriate and unfair for them to be scamming people like this and I believe it is fair to put a stop to it by reporting their behavior. (Not punishing them or doxxing them or anything, just stopping them from scamming others in the future.) Additionally, maybe eBay or wherever you bought it may be able to issue a refund if provided with all the details?
    Here to support you!
    Bart Simpson puts Lisa on the bench with characters that have been phased out. Lisa gets told by Mr. Burns she won't ever be back, Homer puts green tarpaulin over Lisa to signify her removal, which makes her sad. Lisa starts feeling forgotten, skin turns pale.
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