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  • why the fuck are you boarding but not on aim

    just because it's your birthday doesn't mean i won't stuff my giant shlong in your mouth if i have to

    i'm probably just gonna kill myself if it's that much

    either that or hold a protest outside the white house demanding president obama invade australia

    australia is backwards and everything is kangaroos

    man i'm funny
    i hope our call doesn't end up costing a ton of money

    if it does, hmm, well, i'd ask you to help pay for it but american phone companies don't accept kangaroo poop

    get on aim if you want hunter alive and rape free

    this is your first and last warning

    also he's already dead
    i'm glad that's all sorted out jimbo
    come to the aim world i want to bitch about my pants some more
    and i know blah blah blah but come on
    you LOVE when i whine about clothing
    at some point in time you should respond to me via this thing because haha i still look insane
    sure, that's a pretty lazy misdirect, but look at that wiener!

    it doesn't even fit the buns!
    here's a sample

    Jimbo, I have already said how much you have really grown on me.

    I never know how entirely honest you are about your sensitivities, but count me amongst the legion of boarders that enjoy you being you! I'd say keep up the good work, but that is far too cliche. fart.
    funniest dude here, one of the few aussies who aren't retarded on the board, happy 2010 jimbo
    haha if you look down this wall thing at our conversation for the past month i look like a freeeeak

    this isn't helping i guess
    dear jimbo,

    you're the greatest man. i'm glad we've started talking to each other on aim again. you haven't been around much lately but i'm sure you'll come back. i've been trying my best to take your place. but seriously, keep in touch.

    sincerely, santamac
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