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  • Hey! You're welcome! (Honestly, i wish there was an easier way to reply to people on the same thread. Gah.)
    I see your profile picture is the Other Marge! I can't seem to remember what episode where AI Marge is from, care to remind me? :D
    I think the first episode or witch day (I didn't like how mean Annie was to her son) is the worst. My favorite probably is sister, wife.

    As for Bless the Harts, Mega-lo-memories without a doubt. I just created a signature rating all the adult cartoons I watch and I gave that episode a 5/5.
    Hey, I noticed you really enjoyed Duncanville and Bless the Harts and it would be nice to have someone to talk to about those shows.
    Oh, you wouldn't be. Only one who made a fool of themself is I for actually having that stupid thread to begin with.
    Aha. I'm really, really not. Seriously, go check out the art on any place like tumblr, twitter, instagram, wherever and you'll see real talent...
    I Wish You Happy Holidays And A Wonderful New Year
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